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A beautiful and often necessary complement to any bedroom, a nightstand or bedside table keeps all your personal items within comfortable reach in one of the most important rooms in your home. These pieces of furniture provide an ideal spot for storing books, your tech items or a nightlight, and a nightstand lets you keep these essential items close at hand so you’re able to relax and wind down before a long night of slumber.

Choosing the right nightstand for your needs may take a little bit of measuring and comparing. First of all, you may want the nightstand you select to complement your existing bedroom furniture and decor. Generally speaking, it’s a smart idea to match lighter-colored woods with similarly bright woods and dark with dark, but in some bedrooms, the contrast of mixing and matching works undeniably well too; it simply depends on your personal style. You also want to ensure there’s enough space to fit the nightstand you love, and this depends on the size of your bed and your other furniture. The design process may take a bit of rearranging when it comes to your dresser and other furniture. A bedroom that’s a bit crowded with items can keep you from relaxing fully, so create a plan that outlines where your nightstands fit in.

Next, think about the extra space you prefer to have with a nightstand. Some nightstands are simple, elegant bedside tables, allowing you enough room to place a lamp and several items atop their surfaces while bringing an airy feel to your space. Other nightstands provide extra shelving or drawers, letting you keep water bottles or medications safely tucked away or encouraging you to display books and collectibles within the shelves. Some nightstands offer deep drawers for linen storage. Depending on your storage needs, you may need a nightstand, dresser and armoire to keep every last pillow case or scarf neatly organized. An armoire or chifforobe can provide you with extra space in addition to other convenient features, such as a full-length mirror.

If you’re revamping your bedroom from scratch with completely new furniture, you might be interested in mixing and matching different pieces for an eclectic look. If you prefer a more streamlined design scheme, Pottery Barn offers you the ability to view complete bedroom collections, making it much simpler to choose your favorite pieces. Popular collections include the Mason, Park and Addison styles. Choose from a wealth of different design families to suit your individual tastes, no matter if they’re contemporary, classic or modern. Whether you want your bedroom to have a formal look or you feel most comfortable in a casual environment, there’s a collection for you. Enjoy the ability to mix and match across collections, should you appreciate a nightstand from the Lonny Collection but simply must have the dresser from the Dawson Collection.