Elegant Entryway Tables Welcome You Home

The value of good entryway tables can't be overstated. The best kind makes coming and going through your door any time of day streamlined and easy. They give you a place to drop bags while taking off shoes or a go-to spot for your wallet and phone. Select one to match your living room or other entryway decor as part of a harmonious transitional area everyone in your family can enjoy.

How to Layout Your Entryway

Explore different configurations for your entryway furniture based on the layout of your home. Homes where the entryway transitions into the rest of the house right away demand entry console tables.

  • Use the table as the main surface space for coming and going.
  • Stack baskets and other organizational elements underneath the table.
  • Choose a table with a low apron shelf to hold baskets, bins or to stash backpacks.

Homes with bigger entries are usually most comfortable when you lay out your furnishings like you're in a miniature room.

  • If you have a deep corner or a foyer, make room for benches.
  • These help expand the surface area of entryway tables when it comes to putting down shopping bags. Plus, you can sit on them to take shoes on and off.
  • Pair your table with hall trees to hold jackets, hats or other personal items. Hall trees look like upscale lockers. Frame tables with one or one at each end.

Choosing a Style for Entryway Tables

Choose the style of your entryway table from a wide selection of high-quality looks at Pottery Barn.

  • Wooden furnishings are always a classic. They last for years and are versatile enough to fit with changing decor throughout the seasons.
  • Choose from distressed, weathered, polished or other finishes. Look for varying silhouettes to fit your preferred style, too.
  • Metal frames lend a more industrial feel and look great where you need an open, airy piece. They can be topped with glass, wood or more metal.
  • Multiple shelves make it even easier to store hats and other outerwear accessories or stack decorative objects, so the room doesn't feel too functional.

Decor and Functionality

Leave a little space for some decorative whimsy around your entryway tables. Top them with candles or hang artwork over them. A big statement mirror lets you split the difference. It's a beautiful touch, plus one you can often use in this spot.