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The Resurgence of The Hall Tree

The humble coat rack makes way for the glory of the hall tree, a delightful take on entryway furniture. This simple tower has always had its place in homes with big mud rooms, lots of kids or a dedicated foyer. Now, these hallway decor items are being designed from the ground up for modern lifestyles. That means furniture footprints that fit your home and plenty of space for what you need when you leave and arrive.

What Is A Hall Tree?

A hall tree is a wonderful combination of coat rack, wardrobe and locker. If you've been wondering how to organize your entryway for streamlined coming and going, this is it.

  • They offer a chic, purposeful feel to your entry or transitional area.
  • They act as a locker for everything you need to get in and out the door.
  • Most choices fit a jacket or two, a hat, a pair of shoes or boots and a bag.
  • Larger hall trees fit the whole family's needs, or you can line up multiples of the items you love.
  • Since it's free-standing, you can move it to other rooms besides the foyer as needed.

Entryway Furniture Trends

Entryway furniture is now getting the attention it deserves with gorgeous solutions for organization. Look for baskets, bins and other storage to complement them.

The marriage between function and decoration reaches an exciting pinnacle for interior decorating with the advent of so many incredible hall tree options.

Room for Everybody and Everything

Use your trees to build out the entryway your family needs. These pieces are amazing in their versatility. Pair them with other entryway furniture to make a stylish place for all your daily odds and ends.

  • Benches offer an easy place to take shoes on and off. Get one with interior storage for seasonal boots.
  • Bookcase-style shelving is perfect for books, folders, binders, briefcases, laptop bags and more. Deep cubbies hold baskets and bins, too.
  • Cabinets close the door on pairs of shoes, well-worn book bags and other organizational jumbles you need by the door anyway.
  • Drawers let you store wallets, phone chargers and other smaller items for fast, easy access.

The Modern Styles You Can't Miss

Since these trees are rising in popularity, you can find nearly any style you choose to suit your interior decor.

  • American Craftsman pieces are beautiful in bungalows or homes with lots of wood finishes.
  • Mission-inspired recalls the California coast and provides sophisticated simplicity.
  • Industrial looks take from coat-rack aesthetics with metal, hooks, open frames and other details.
  • For whole-home styling, place a tree by the door and then use another as laundry or office storage.

Once you start using your trees, it won't be long before you realize just how useful they really are.