Home Bar Furniture

When you get home at the end of long day, or when you are getting ready to start your day, enjoying a casual, peaceful setting is a great way to transition between the rigors of the outside world and the serenity of home life. Sometimes it’s nice to just take a seat at the counter or bar while reading a magazine or playing a game on your tablet, and enjoying a snack or beverage. Our bar furniture provides a comfortable, relaxed and informal atmosphere that is as suited to entertaining guests as it is to enjoying quiet times alone. We also carry more formal bar furniture that is suited for entertaining business colleagues and hosting parties.

You are not limited to the dining and kitchen area when placing bar furniture in your home. At Pottery Barn, we offer bars and portable bar carts that look as good in a den or home office as in the dining area of your home. This type of nontraditional bar and stool placement lets you increase the functionality of your work and study space. Or, you can pile your favorite treats and drinks on a bar cart that provides a portable option. A bar cart can be stored out of sight when not in use and it also lets you grab a refreshing drink or snack without the distraction of leaving your work space by planning ahead.

Another nontraditional but handy place you can add a bar or counter to add a casual and fun element to a room is a family game room. Players can set up board games and gather around the counter to play, or family and friends can sit and talk while enjoying snacks and drinks at the counter. This type of home furnishing is especially great if space in your home’s family room is limited. The space-saving feature is also in play if you choose from our selection of bar furniture that has enclosed storage space.

If you are decorating a small space, a bar-height table that serves double duty as a dining table and a bar is a handy option. This type of bar can be placed in the center of your dining area with stools on both sides, or it can be scooted against a wall with seats placed all on one side so the pieces won’t affect the flow of foot traffic through your room.

In addition to bar-height tables, we carry some other home bar furniture options for small spaces and decorating pieces that look great alongside a bar. Consider diminutive bar cabinets that rest against a wall, or tall and narrow bar towers you can slip into a corner or narrow bit of floor space along the wall. Then look at decorative items that make your available space appear larger. One way to create the illusion of a larger room is to put mirrors alongside or above pieces of furniture. The mirrors catch the light and can give the impression of a larger room.

If you have a larger room, on the other hand, look for pieces that complement the decor of your room and your bar furniture, such as bookshelves and cabinets. Shelving and cabinets can pull the look of your family game room, den or dining area room together, creating a unified decor theme when styles match up, and enclosed cabinets are also a handy place to store some of the extra items you frequently use when seated at the bar or counter, while open shelving is useful for positioning decorative items where they look best, or glassware pieces within easy reach.