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Bar & Counter Stools

Saddle up to the bar or kitchen island in style with counter chairs and barstools chosen with your personal tastes in mind. Counter stools and bar stools are hardworking staples of many homes’ eating areas. But you aren’t limited to only using them there. Get creative to take your counter chairs and home decor to new heights. But first, consider the features that you need the most so you can pick the counter chairs that will work best in your space.

Choosing Counter Chairs by Height

Above all, finding the right stool is all about choosing the appropriate height. From kitchen tables to pub tables to home bars and counters, the height you need differs depending on where you use it. To figure out the right one, grab your tape measure and calculate the height from the floor to the tabletop. Counter chairs typically come in four basic sizes. Table height stools range from 16 to 23 inches, counter height stools range from 24 to 27 inches, bar height stools range from 28 to 33 inches and extra-tall counter chairs typically range from 34 to 40 inches. If you’re looking for maximum versatility, consider adjustable counter chairs that you can move up or down to use in different areas.

Seating Style

Once you have a feel for the size and number of stools you need, it’s time to start thinking about the seating style you want. Counter chairs typically come in four seating styles: backless, low back, full back and armed stools. Backless stools are ideal for stowing under the counter or neatly under the table, but they don’t offer comfort for long sitting sessions. Low back counter chairs add contemporary flair to the room along with a little extra support for added comfort. Full back counter chairs give you all the comfort of traditional dining chairs, with plenty of support for long-term sitting. Counter chairs with arms may also have a full back or a low back. If maneuverability is a concern, you might consider stools that swivel for ease of getting in and out of the chair. Another important factor in the comfort of the seat is whether it’s padded or not. Simple metal or wood counter chairs look great. But if you’re concerned with a little extra support and plushness, you might consider an upholstered or padded counter chair or adding a dining cushion to your chair.

Creative Uses for Extra Counter Chairs

Need an extra side table? Backless, unupholstered counter chairs make excellent spots to place your books and glassware when you use them near your sitting area. You could also use extra counter chairs for decorative items to transform a small nook into a functional space. Place one in the entryway for a sweet spot to place your keys or as a plant stand. Don’t shy away from having fun with your furniture and thinking outside of the traditional box to add creative flair to your home’s decor.

Pottery Barn’s counter chairs are designed to do more than just give you a spot to sit. With many silhouettes, finishes, sizes and styles to choose from, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect counter chairs for your home.