Counter Stools & Barstools

When you’re planning an evening with friends and family, make sure that your home is ready for entertaining by outfitting it with Pottery Barn’s counter stools and barstools. Backless barstools encourage a lively atmosphere in the comfort of your own home, leaving open space for chatting and pouring drinks. They’re also a smart option if your kitchen is short on extra space; simply slide the counter stools under your kitchen counter or island when they’re not in use. Kids and adults alike feel like they’re at the neighborhood ice cream shop when they sit and spin on swivel barstools. Tufted barstools with high backs are a lovely alternative that ensure guests are comfortable and relaxed during an exciting board game or lively conversation. Check that the rest of your kitchen and dining furniture is suitable for entertaining in style.

If your kitchen table is no longer the right size for your growing family or you’re ready to redesign the space, swap your dining table for a new piece that adds flair to the heart of your home. An extending kitchen table includes rails and table leaves so you’re able to quickly adjust the size. Your everyday table can easily double as your entertaining table too with these helpful additions. Fixed kitchen tables are a great alternative if you prefer to keep your table the same size all year. These attractive tables come in a variety of sleek finishes so you can easily find an option that suits your sense of aesthetics.

Once you’ve found a table that you adore, it’s time to select the dining chairs. Mix and match hues or patterns to add variety, or keep the pieces uniform for a streamlined appearance. Wooden chairs lend a traditional ambience and make it easy to clean up spills and drips. If you prefer a cozy chair, upholstered chairs incorporate soft padding to optimize comfort. Certain styles even come with armrests so your guests and family can sit back and relax during the evening. In situations in which you already own a set of structurally sound kitchen chairs you prefer to keep on hand, feel free to transform the chairs with a set of slipcovers. Slipcovers hide stains and scratches while updating your home’s decor.

To make the process of coordinating your dining chairs to your table as easy as possible, purchase one of our dining table and chair sets. These sets include a striking table and coordinating chairs, and this alternative eliminates the guesswork of trying to figure out if your new chairs will fit or complement your table. Some dining table and chair sets have a bench rather than chairs that functions as seating. Bench seating is a simple way to add a touch of country charm to your kitchen too.

Make it easier to serve your guests all of their favorite drinks by adding a bar to your entertaining area near your barstools. A stationary bar cart is an excellent way to dedicate a portion of your kitchen or dining space to mixing beverages. Some bars contain cabinets or trunks that offer a storage area to hold your supplies and beverage ingredients. If you like to host your events in different areas of your home, pick a bar cart with wheels. Bars and bar carts help you stay organized, even during the most hectic dinner parties.

When it’s time for an evening of entertaining to come to an end, it’s essential to have a place to store your dinnerware and glasses until your next meal or occasion. Proudly display your finest china and crystal with a gorgeous buffet. Glass cabinets keep your dishes protected while allowing your family to appreciate their beauty, even when they’re not in use. If you prefer to keep your belongings hidden from sight or don’t want to display your pieces, cabinets with solid doors and drawers help you accomplish this objective. Some cabinets even come with areas designed to hold specific objects, such as wine bottles and flatware.