Impart Elegance to the Bedroom with a Metal Bed

A stylish bedroom is easy to achieve with a metal bed from Pottery Barn. These beds come in all sizes from Twin to King and are available in a range of styles. There's something to suit every bedroom, whether your favorite look is traditional, modern, rustic or glam.

Metal Bed Styles

The selection of wrought iron beds and metal headboards at Pottery Barn has something for everyone. Any of these metal bed styles can serve as a functional focal piece for your bedroom and help you achieve the ambiance you're going for.

  • Canopy Beds: A canopy bed is a great choice for creating a romantic look. This type of bed has a framework onto which fabric can be draped. Sheer fabric works great for dressing your canopy bed; when it comes to color, white and light colors impart a breezy look while dark colors add drama to the room.
  • Sleigh Beds: The curved lines of a sleigh bed add sophistication to any bedroom. These beds look great with most any type of bedding but are especially suited to overstuffed pillows and fluffy down comforters.
  • Victorian-Style Beds: This type of bed has a metal headboard inspired by Victorian-era furnishings. The look is classic, yet effortlessly elegant. There are different finishes from which to choose, such as antique white and matte bronze.
  • Poster Beds: These beds have four posts -- two on the headboard and two on the footboard -- for a traditional look that goes with most any design style. Like the other beds at Pottery Barn, they're sturdy and come in various finishes.

Outfitting Your Bed

Once you've chosen the style of metal bed you prefer, the next step is to dress it with bedding. A plush duvet is a classic choice that's comfortable and stylish. With a duvet, it's easy to change the look simply by changing the cover. If you like a country-inspired style, you can't go wrong with a patchwork quilt. For a more modern look, consider a comforter with a fun print or eye-catching details like tufting. A grouping of decorative pillows is a great finishing touch for your bed.

A metal bed is versatile enough to go with any other furnishings. No matter what color scheme the room is decorated in, any of these beds will work beautifully. Even if you redecorate the room, your bed will coordinate well with whatever new pieces you choose.