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Wood Beds

Upholstered Beds


Getting a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed is practically a must, and you aren’t alone in creating a comfortable sleeping area because we offer the pieces you need to create a comfortable bedroom. Whether you are looking for traditional beds with metal, wooden or upholstered headboards or even a complete bedroom suite, at Pottery Barn we offer a variety of bedroom furniture options. In addition to beds, we carry the things you need to have when you are trying to turn your bedroom into a private oasis.

Our bedroom furniture provides you with more than just a nice place to sleep, it also provides some of the extra details that help you stay organized, like hidden drawers and shelves you can fill with your small treasured items. Our storage beds give you a handy space for storing papers, garments that are out of season, spare bed linens and anything you want to keep out of view of children or guests visiting your home. Almost anything you want to keep organized and out of sight can be neatly tucked in the underbed drawers of a storage bed. Storage beds are also useful when floor space is at a premium because underbed drawers can replace a dresser when space is tight.

The furniture you put in a room, in addition to your bed, can also help you maintain a measure of organization. While pieces of furniture, like bedside tables, can be open with shelving below, the pieces can also feature an enclosed space under the tabletop that is perfect for hiding small items. To choose the right nightstand for your room, match the type of wood the stand is crafted from to the material and style of your bed.

Another way to meet your sleeping quarter needs and to simplify the decorating process is to look for a bed and dresser set that has the drawer space you need and that fits the decor of your bedroom. These bedroom sets come in different finishes and materials, plus we offer a variety of bed and dresser sizes to accommodate rooms of different sizes without creating a cramped appearance. Choosing furniture that fits your room lets you relax and freely move around the bedroom without feeling closed in or crowded.

Once you have found the perfect bedroom furniture for your room, you will also need the perfect mattress and box springs for your bed or daybed. For a daybed you can choose a traditional mattress or an upholstered one that also serves as a standalone piece of furniture. We offer many types of mattresses for your comfort whether your preference is a firm mattress or a softer one. For the environmentally-conscious, an organic mattress can be the perfect nighttime solution for your eco-friendly lifestyle. Cooling gel, memory foam that relieves your pressure points and lets you move freely and traditional mattresses are also available to accommodate your sleep surface preferences.

One thing that adds to the comfort and utility of a room is having a place to sit to change your shoes or look out the window for a while. Add extra seating to your bedroom by introducing a comfortable chair or end of bed furniture to your room’s decor. If you have plenty of space in your bedroom, you can add a long, rectangular ottoman that runs along the foot of your bed, though some of our ottomans have storage space or shelving that can help you keep your room neat and organized. If your room is smaller, you can still enjoy the benefits of end of bed seating by selecting one of our smaller upholstered stools.