Office Bookshelves Are The Perfect Finishing Touch

Office bookshelves are the final touch to a thoughtfully-designed and decorated home office space. With such a wide variety of styles available right now, you can match your desk exactly or choose a complementary style you love to add depth and dimension to the room. Place a single bookcase in a corner or line a wall with a series of them for a stunning display of work materials, favorite novels or art objects.

Designing A Beautiful Home Office

Selecting home office furniture is a highly personalized process. While in the workplace you may make do with the furniture afforded you, when you're at home, you can stock your space with the furnishings that inspire you to do your best work.

  • Choose a desk that is comfortable, stylish and gets you into the headspace you need to knock out tasks, create reports and recommendations or enliven creative production.
  • Your office chair can help set the tone for your office bookshelves. Are you matching the chair exactly with the desk? There's no right or wrong way to do it.
  • Pick a rug and curtains that bring out the best features of the furnishings or make a statement with your textiles that leaves room for a bold shelf display.

Matching Your Office Bookcases with Your Desk

If you've decided to match your office bookshelves to your desk, the rest is easy. Finalize the finish you want for your material and make room for your new shelves in your home. All that's left is to style them.

For a complementary take, consider the aesthetic you want in order to make your decision.

  • A Mission-inspired shelf set can help balance heavier wood furnishings elsewhere in the office. Look for X-brackets or slab construction with open sides to create an airy feel.
  • Pick a heavier style with solid walls and maybe even crown moulding. These look beautiful if you plan to line a wall.
  • Go just slightly rogue and try a storage cabinet with hinged doors as your office bookshelves. You might want a combination of open shelves and closed cabinetry for a hutch style.

Home Styling Tips for Your Office Bookshelves

Explore how to decorate your bookcases for a curated, but functional display that keeps what you need nearby and still looks stunning and professional when anyone enters.

  • Try wicker baskets full of blankets, pillows or botanical greenery.
  • Look to ceramics or glass, like pitchers, vases or sculptures.
  • Stack coffee table books on shelves to highlight a strong set of references.

Design a home office you know you'll love to make work, household tasks and passion projects ultimately rewarding.