Buffet Tables & Hutches

If you like to entertain, proper organization helps ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. House your dinnerware, crystal glasses and gleaming silver flatware with a Pottery Barn buffet table. Buffet tables and hutches are a striking, yet simple way to keep your dishes and serving pieces organized. If you prefer to keep your items hidden, select a buffet table with enclosed doors and drawers. To turn your beautiful china into the focal point of the room, choose an open hutch. Hutches are a terrific way to display your finest dinnerware when it is not in use.

Don’t forget to your organize your other serving necessities. Storage baskets are an effortless way to hold table linens, napkins and table decor until your next evening of entertaining. Sturdy storage boxes that include a lid keep fine fabrics safe from dust and accidental spills. When storing bulky items, consider investing in a set of roomy woven baskets. Baskets lend a rustic, charming feel to any room. Choose from an assortment of sizes to find the pieces that best meet your needs. Rest contemporary trays on your hutch or buffet to easily transport your entertaining essentials when you need to use them.

If you like to prepare and serve beverages at your get-togethers, you need a dedicated place to do so. A home bar or bar cart is an aesthetically pleasing way to hold or transport your drinks, cups and mixing materials. Stationary bars work well when you can devote a dedicated area in your home to beverage preparation. If you like to prepare beverages in different portions of your home, a bar with wheels is a smart alternative. You can easily transport the bar around your space, and when it is not in use, you can store it until your next event. Show off your favorite glassware with a bar that is fitted with glass enclosures.

Make sure there is ample seating for your friends and family to relax, drink their beverages and snack on appetizers. Add a few bar and counter stools to your kitchen counter or island so that everyone has a place to sit. Backless bar stools are a great choice for rooms with limited space. When they are not in use, you can slide them underneath the counter. For maximum comfort, pick tufted bar stools with a sturdy backs so that your guests can sit back and enjoy themselves.

On evenings when you plan to serve a formal dinner, you must make sure your table is large enough for your guests, place settings and decor. Swap your old table for a roomy dining table and chair set. Tables that come with additional leaves enable you to adjust the size. Add a leaf to the sliding rails for your dinner party and when the evening is over, remove the leaf to return the table to its previous size. If you prefer to have a larger table all of the time, a spacious rectangular dining table is an excellent option. Optimize your seating capacity by picking a dining table with a bench. Benches are a gorgeous alternative to traditional dining chairs and allow the utilization of every inch of space.

After dinner, you may want to head into your den or living room with your guests. Spruce up the room by adding chic home accessories. Display some of your favorite mementos in an exquisite keepsake box. Once your keepsake box is ready, you can hang it from the wall or house it on a wall shelf. Pictures are a terrific way to decorate when you are short on space. Hold your most treasured prints in dapper picture frames. Oversized frames are even available to display movie posters and other large items.