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Home Office Desks, Writing Desks & Craft Tables

Whether you have a dedicated home office or craft room or shared space, there’s a desk for your needs. The right desk or table should make whatever you’re doing easier because of adequate work surface and storage. Let the home office experts at Pottery Barn help you determine which style is best for your space with tips on understanding how various desks and tables function. With the right desk or table, you’ll be more than happy to begin your projects, but don’t forget to pair your work surface with the perfect office chair.

Double-Pedestal Desks

So much space, so much filing to do, but that’s what a double-pedestal desk is all about. Two sets of storage and file drawers hold up a spacious work surface to let you organize your work. This style desk is usually large at about 70" wide.

Standing, Lift and Adjustable Desks

Maximize your productivity with a standing, lift or adjustable desk for comfort. Desks that allow you to sit-stand when you want are easy to manually or electronically adjust from a range of heights. Desks vary in the sitting to standing heights they span. For example, one style desk may have a sitting height of 48" to a standing height of 54" while another desk may range in height from about 36" and lift to 42" or from 25" up to 50" high. Or consider a drafting table with a work surface that can adjust to various angles and heights for ideal comfort.

Corner Desks

Make that empty nook into a functional workspace with a specially-designed corner desk. For maximum storage, consider a corner double pedestal desk that can also be added onto to create a full office suite. Put your computer on the spacious corner work surface and you’re ready to open up shop.

Small Desks

Even if you have a sliver of wall space, turn it into a highly-functioning and well-organized work spot. Small single pedestal, writing, keyhole, secretary or ladder wall desks fit well into small spaces because they aren’t very deep. Select a single pedestal desk that may be 47" to 52" wide. To fit a small footprint, consider a sturdy ladder wall desk that’s 34" wide but offers vertical storage shelving without taking up much room. A ladder desk, at 34" and nearly 19" deep, fits small spaces. Pair it with a ladder with five shelves for a complete work and storage space.

Craft Tables

Craft tables create work surfaces for all of your creative projects with storage spaces designed for easy reach. A spacious craft table might have a 60" wide by 30" deep stretch of space with open shelving to aerate supplies like wet paint brushes. Taller craft tables, at about 37" high, make it easier on your back to work on projects. Craft tables make generous-size desks, as well.

Office Suites

Build your home office step-by-step with the modular components of an office suite. Start with a desk and build up and sideways as your needs grow. Office suites can also expand from small to larger if you select a collection with easy add-on pieces. An office suite might include a desk flanked by office towers, file and storage drawer pedestals and topped by a hutch with shelves, bookcases and cabinet space with flip-up doors. Grab your most comfortable swivel chair and you’re able to work for hours at a time.

Now that it’s common to work at home in some capacity, there are more desk and table options than ever before. Desks and tables are beautiful enough to create their own distinctive style in a room, or they can simply integrate into the decor of a shared family space.