Dining Benches and Banquettes

Dining benches are efficient for seating a crowd or a few people. It’s easier to slide in an extra person on a bench when you’re having a meal with your favorite guests. Large families really benefit from using these benches at the kitchen table, but small families find them useful too. Banquettes provide seating and storage options so consider these when space might be limited. Choose a stylish bench from us at Pottery Barn to extend your seating and create a warm, welcoming space.

The Beauty of Benches

Benches go way back in history from farm tables and chapel seating to front porches and picnic tables. Now they’re a practical and functional accessory for the dining table. Primitive benches are built straight across with simple legs. These can work inside or out on a covered porch or deck. Others have funky layouts for eclectic decor and many are made with reclaimed wood. Those with padded cushions add an element of comfort but also allow you to add decorative accents to the room with the prints. Some of our benches have upholstered seats and high backs that work well for back and neck support. This high back type of bench can double as a small, comfy sofa.

Add Functionality with Banquettes

Banquettes with modular sections fit together to fill in as seating at a table or tucked in a corner. You can basically design it in a U or L shape to fit where you need it. This makes them a fabulous option for tight or narrow spots. Open cubes hold storage items, books and essentials right where you need them. Baskets or tins can hold small items neatly out of the way. Use modular banquettes in playrooms, nurseries, bedrooms, kitchens or in outdoor living spaces. In kids’ rooms they can organize toys, blankets and stuffed animals. The low seating is easy for them to climb up on too.

The right bench or banquette can be just the ticket to complete your dining set. The sturdy support they allow combined with sleek design makes them suited to many types of tables and even without a table. They fit neatly under a table so they don’t crowd floor space. When you need extra seats, grab some of the benches and move them where you need them. Use them in a hallway or entryway as a catchall for backpacks, pocketbooks and jackets. A bench is a convenient place to sit down and put shoes on or take them off.

It’s no wonder benches have been around for centuries. Make this helpful seating a part of your home, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!