The Versatility of Upholstered Dining Chairs

Outfit your home with chairs that you'll love for years to come. Upholstered dining chairs offer the elegance and versatility you need when furnishing your home. Give your dining room a quick design boost by swapping out well-loved chairs for fresh styles that are finely made and designed to last the test of time. When you choose upholstery, you can pick seating from a wide array of silhouettes and colorways. Unlike other chairs, upholstered dining chairs are often made so that you can use slipcovers on them, too, giving you even more design options. See how upholstered dining chairs can enhance your decor today.

The Art of the Occasional Chair

One of the beautiful things about upholstered dining chairs is that you can use them as occasional chairs. The occasional chair is a design icon, a seat that doesn't need a strict designation. Maybe most of the time, these chairs live in your dining room, but you can do more with them as needed.

  • Create balance across a large home with lots of open spaces by selecting upholstered dining chairs to line the dining table. Then, bring home an additional chair to place at a task desk or counter in a transitional area by the kitchen.
  • Place a matching chair in the entryway to always have a place to sit and put on or remove shoes or so you can drop your bag or briefcase when you walk in the door before sitting down in the same chair in the dining room for a snack or well-deserved cocktail.
  • Keep your chairs for the dining room only, but mix-and-match how you use them. Put chairs with arms at the heads, but alternate every other chair along the sides with arms or straight backs.

Choosing Your Upholstery

Have fun picking out the upholstery you love the most. Consider the palette you have or might be selecting at the same time for other home decor elements, like your rug, curtains, throw pillows and other textiles.

  • When choosing classic dining chairs with squared-off edges, look for a refined rainbow of choices. Feel free to choose a few colors at once to appoint to different parts of a dining room or adjacent areas.
  • If you're new to pattern, start simple with an ikat-inspired look or simple stripes. Go with a color that you're already implying elsewhere in the room to make sure your first foray is a smashing success.
  • Those who know they love a good dining room design refresh are best suited to fabric dining chairs with slipcovers. That way, you can indulge in periwinkle plaid or verdant vine patterns as the weeks go by.

Check out different trim and accents for your chairs, too, including rivets or nailheads, pleats, turned legs and more.