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How to Buy a Dining Table

Dive into the world of furniture design like never before. With Pottery Barn's new selections, you can buy dining table perfection and trust you're getting the same quality and high design principles you've come to love. These looks aren't exactly a departure from the silhouettes you've always known, but by combining traditional motifs with a contemporary slant, you can inject your room with a fresh sense of classic style. Think of these tables as signature items for your home. Each one is crafted to stand out while still complementing your overall aesthetic.

Know Your Dining Room Needs

When you need to buy dining table furnishings, your first order of business is to consider how you like to dine. Your style for daily meals and big occasions determines which table is best for you and your family.

  • Do you look forward to gathering for dinner every night as a family? If so, then try a minimalist table with a spartan feel, but a lot of craft. Apron details and a slab tabletop look upscale, yet approachable.
  • For families who always make enough for the kids' friends or neighbors who drop by, a picnic-inspired table with bench seating can offer a genuine welcome and one more easy seat at the table. X-shaped brackets are sturdy and slightly rustic.
  • If you like close conversation over meals, check out a round dining table. These slide into alcoves, nooks and corners better than their rectangular counterparts.

Know Your Dining Table Styles

Get to know some of the design basics in order to buy dining table silhouettes that look great in your home. You may want to select a more formal table for a living room and a casual one for a kitchen or dining nook. This dining table shape guide helps you figure out what's right for you.

  • Rectangular tables are classic. Put a seat at each head and line the sides of the table with more chairs or bench seating.
  • These longer tables almost always include a stretcher or pieces that make up a support frame in between the legs of the table. Some, like the Brooks Dining Table, get their strength from apron or frieze pieces directly under the tabletop slab.
  • Stretchers are also called trestles, especially when they are more decorative and run the interior length of the table.
  • Consider a drop-leaf table if you do a lot of entertaining. These rectangular tables are easy to make bigger by adding another piece that you store away when not in use.
  • For intimate or casual dining, a round table looks great in any home. Reminiscent of bistro or cafe styles, these pieces can be dressed up or down with linens and centerpieces.

Once you select your new table, buy dining table chairs to match. You can get either exactly the same kind or a set that complements the finish or material of your choice.