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A Dining Table Buying Guide

If you need help choosing a table, check out our dining table buying guide. There are tables for your dining room at Pottery Barn in a variety of sizes and styles, so it's easy to find something to suit every family size and design preference.

How to Choose a Dining Table

This dining table buying guide can be used as a guideline when shopping for your new table. Here are some tips to help you select the right table for your home:

First, measure your dining room, then subtract 6 feet of length and width to make sure there's ample clearance. Your remaining measurement is the size of table that your dining room can accommodate. You don't have to choose a table that's the exact size of your space; you can go a bit smaller if you like a more open look.

In addition to measuring the room, you'll want to consider how many people you'll need to seat on a regular basis. For example, if you usually have four to six people at the table, a 60-inch rectangular table or a 48-inch round table should be large enough. A family of eight to 10 people may need a rectangular table as large as 96 inches. If you're not sure of quite how many people you'll need to seat, opt for an extending table.

While many of the tables at Pottery Barn are large enough to seat a crowd, some are ideal for small groups and spaces. There's the Rae marble bistro table, which is the perfect size for two people. It can be placed in a breakfast nook or in a small dining room. Or, consider the Shayne drop-leaf table, which starts out at a compact 49 inches and extends to 54 inches when the leaves are used.

The suggestions in this buying guide are possibilities to consider for your dining room. Although these are guidelines that can help you select a table that fits the room, the most important consideration is that the table you choose suits your personal style and is comfortable for you and your family.

Accessories for Your Dining Table

Once you've reviewed this dining table buying guide and chosen a new table, you might also want to pick up some accessories. Pottery Barn has an array of tablecloths and table runners to add elegance to any table, whether it's formal or casual. There are also cloth napkins and napkin rings, in addition to a wide selection of stylish dinnerware and drinkware.