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Rectangular & Square Tables

Oval & Round Tables

Extending Dining Tables

Small Spaces

Dining Tables

Your dining room table is so much more than just a place to put food at mealtimes. It’s a gathering place where loved ones laugh and it's the foundation of your dining room decor. Friends and family sit and talk over great meals and beverages. Children sit and study at the table. Plus, it’s a great place to set up a family board game night, complete with healthy snacks and drinks. Build a stunning dining area around a beautiful breakfast table from us at Pottery Barn. These tables are built with heirloom-quality techniques and materials to enhance your home for years to come. Choose from a selection of small or large tables to find the piece that beautifully fits your home and your lifestyle.

Setting Up Your Dining Area

Choosing the ideal table for your home begins with finding one that’s a good fit in your dining room. Take some measurements to determine how much available floor space you have. Make sure to choose a table that leaves at least 24" of floor space – more works well, too – for people to move around the table comfortably. Consider a small table that tucks in a corner when you’re not using it if space is at a premium. Do you have plenty of extra space? Choose a larger table to create a focal point in a big room. Then, add some extra brightness to the room by spreading colorful, runner-style shag rugs on the floor around the table.

When space is at a premium, oval and round tables slide neatly into the available space. The rounded edges reduce the chance of someone walking into a corner when they’re moving around the table. Square and rectangular tables are ideal when the room is larger, and the angular corners of the tables add a traditional touch to the room’s decor. Whatever style and materials you prefer, it helps to choose the table based on the room’s overall shape. A round or square table fits neatly in a square room. An oval or rectangular table makes a fitting addition to a long, narrow room. Choose tables crafted from materials that match the woodwork in your home for a themed look. Or, mix things up by matching a natural wood table to painted trim for casual style.

Go for Customization

Extending tables let you adjust their size as needed for each meal by inserting extra sections into the table. Do you have guests coming over for dinner? Just use the table leaf extenders, and you instantly have extra places for people to sit. Choose extra dining chairs for the seating. Or, pick up a set of folding chairs that store away in a smaller space to keep your floor space free when people aren’t using the chairs.

Tall, casual tables and islands can help you set up an informal dining area in your kitchen. This is an option that works equally well in cozy, smaller homes and in larger homes where you want more of a bistro feel while you eat. These kitchen tables and islands pull double duty. First, these pieces provide a place to put food during the preparation stage, and they’re at an easily accessible standing height. Then, the surfaces can also provide a comfortable place to sit down and enjoy the meal. Choose a bar-style table to place against a wall. Go for an island or table to put in the center of the room to provide access from all sides.

Set the table with dinnerware and serveware that complement the colors in your dining area. Match the color scheme of place mats and napkins to design elements such as your drapes or rugs. Enjoy the smiles on the faces of your family members and guests as you place drinking glasses filled with favorite beverages on the table.

Every element of your home’s decor is important because you choose things that fit your lifestyle and express your taste. The table where you enjoy meals and time spend chatting is part of the experience that makes your house a home.