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Kitchen Tables

An eat-in kitchen is a luxury that often calls for smaller-scaled, streamlined table-and-chair sets. Whether your kitchen table will be your primary eating or an occasional nook, there are solutions for you regardless of your kitchen’s size. Let us at Pottery Barn give you a tour of the different types of kitchen tables that are ideal for breakfast, lunch or supper.

Drop-leaf Tables

Drop-leaf tables are space savers when you leave them folded down and are expandable when you need a bigger surface area. Drop-leaf tables also come in round shapes that fold flat to push up against a wall. That’s a quick way to reduce the table’s footprint in a small kitchen. Simply pull it out and expand it when you need to seat more people around the table.

Kitchen Counter-height Tables

An ideal-small space solution is the counter-height table, and you might fall in love with how customizable they are. It works almost like an island, but you can also place it up against a wall to function as a breakfast bar setup. Another practical way to maximize space is to coordinate counter stools that you can store underneath the table so they’re out of the way whenever you don’t need to sit down. Sometimes these tables have built-in amenities such as storage drawers and hooks. A typical counter height table is narrow and measures about 37" high by 54" wide. Counter chairs are approximately 24" high.

Kitchen Bar-height Tables

A bar-height table, which is typically square with four chairs or stools, fits well in a compact kitchen. Bar-height is typically 42" high, requiring slightly higher barstools with seats at about 30". As with a bistro set, this type of table can fit nicely against a wall or window, too.

Kitchen Islands

You don’t have to have a built-in island to enjoy the benefits of having one in your kitchen. It’s a multifunctional piece that lets you store kitchenware, prep food and eat all in the same area. This striking piece of furniture usually goes in the center of a kitchen, but you can put one just about anywhere. When placing an island in your kitchen, keep at least a 36"-wide swath of walking space all the way around the furniture so the room is easy to navigate. There are also islands that can expand when you need bigger surfaces to work on.

Further define your eat-in area with small and colorful kitchen rugs. In addition to bar- and counter-height tables and expandable islands and drop leafs, many kitchen tables also have convenient shelves underneath the tabletops to store everyday dishes and napkins. This leaves more room in your kitchen drawers and cabinets for pots, pans and all the other cooking essentials you want to store nearby.

With a beautifully designed island or table, you can use your kitchen in all sorts of new ways. Create more working and eating space to start getting even more from one of the liveliest rooms in your home.