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Oval & Round Tables

Want to create an extra roomy effect in your dining area without giving up any seating space? Round and oval dining room tables provide a way to do that. The rounded edges create the illusion of taking less floor space. This lets everyone have a few extra inches to move around the table. However, the tables still have room for the same number of leather dining chairs you would enjoy placing around a square or rectangular table of similar dimensions. At Pottery Barn, our collection of circular tables offers you a variety of finishes to complement any decor. So whether your taste leans toward elegant burnished wood or chic metal and marble, it’s easy to find the round or oval table that beautifully matches the rest of your furnishings.

Tips for Placing a Round Dining Room Table on an Area Rug

Want to create a balanced look in your dining area? Take advantage of contrasting geometric shapes. The trick is to position the shapes in a balanced way. For example, place a square area rug in the room with an even amount of bare floor space all the way around. Then center a round table on the rug. Offset the balance by adding a floral centerpiece or edgy sculpture near the center of the table. This same technique works with oval tables, too. Spread a rectangular carpet in the room with an oval table centered on it. Center overhead lighting above the table, or position one end of the table under the light if it’s slightly offset on the ceiling.

Setting Up a Small Round Dining Table and Chairs Outdoors

Enjoy a warm afternoon by the pool while sipping lemonade and enjoying snacks. Set up an al fresco dinner followed by an after dinner card game with your friends. The dining room isn’t the only place a round table looks great. Round tables with matching chairs that are designed for outdoor use let you take the simple elegance outside. Add cushions to the seating to create a space that’s so comfortable, guests will want to sit back and relax for a while. Add a planter filled with vibrantly colored succulents to the center of the table for daytime events. Set out an LED lighting display for evening gatherings to brighten the night sky.

Suggestions for Setting a Round Table

Round and oval tables offer a lot of versatility when it comes to setting the tabletop. Stick with round and spherical shapes to establish a themed look. This is easy to do with round plates, glasses with a wide base and a centerpiece that has a gracefully curving shape. Or, put square plates and unconventional centerpieces on the table to mix things up. Offer guests drinks in elegant stemware, or fill up stunningly shaped glassware with colorful mixed beverages.

The Best of Both Round and Oval Tables

A round table that extends gives you the best of both table types. You get the compact efficiency of a small round table along with the extra seating of an oval one. This is handy when entertaining guests. It's also useful when you have a large project to do and need room to spread out paperwork for review. Your available floor space isn’t tied up with a large table when you need room to move. However, you still have access to a larger table when you need it.

Whether you prefer to spread a tablecloth over your round table or set your dishes and glasses directly on the surface, you get to enjoy the elegance of delicate curved lines and the soft sheen of the table’s surface. Add matching upholstered chairs or put colorful chair pads on your dining chairs to provide extra comfort.