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Headboards for Every Bed Size

Headboards may serve the functional purpose of adding stability to the bed frame, but their real advantage is their decorative qualities. These bed panels greatly enhance the bed and turn it into the true decorative focal point of the room. With everything from full to California king headboards available to choose from, you can easily find the right fit for any type of bed.

Wooden Bed Frame Panels

There are two main types of headboards available to choose from: wood and fabric. Wood bed panels look great in bedrooms with dressers and other wooden furniture. This gives the room a coordinated look that's pleasing to the eye. Wood bed panels are available in basic and intricate designs.

  • Basic wooden bed panels are thick rectangular panels with few embellishments. These minimalist panels come in beautiful wood grain washes and painted styles to suit any bedroom. Using a basic headboard also leaves you free to choose boldly patterned bed sheets.
  • To make a statement, some wood panels have special details like intricate carvings, crown molding and unique latticework. These eye-catching features come together to make the bed a beautiful centerpiece in the bedroom.
  • Wooden storage bed panels are a great choice for smaller bedrooms, where extra storage space is always welcome. The small cubby holes can be used for organizing clothing or books or for displaying decorative items like picture frames, plants and candles.

Upholstered Bed Frame Panels

A fabric upholstered headboard is another popular style option. These stylish bed panels look especially lovely in modern and glam settings. Like wood panels, these panels come in basic and elaborate designs.

  • Basic fabric bed panels are upholstered with solid fabrics in calming shades like cream and gray. Since they are so neutral, the panels create a crisp backdrop for any type of bed sheets. These queen, king and full headboards are available in the classic rectangular shape or with smooth curved edges.
  • Textured bed panels incorporate elements like nailhead trim or handwoven natural fibers which add visual and tactile interest to the headboard. Tufted bed panels are another popular type of textured bed panel. These panels are beautifully crafted with deep button tufts that give the headboard an elegant and regal feel.
  • Patterned bed panels draw the eye with detailed prints and add a pop of color to the bedroom. These panels are available in a variety of patterns, like damask, floral and stripes. Let the headboard be the star of the show by choosing a simple quilt or duvet cover for your bed set.

Adding a bed panel to your bed frame is a quick and easy way to completely change the look of the bedroom. These panels come in basic and fancy wood and fabric designs to suit all bedroom styles, from modern to traditional and everything in between. With choices ranging from full to king and queen headboards, you can easily enhance beds of any size and create a gorgeous bedroom focal point that suits the design style of the room.