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Everyone's lives seem to be growing less compartmentalized and becoming more customized. The confluence of mobile technology impacts how people use their space. The once single-purpose home office or living room now exists within what many call a great room. Gaming, homework, grocery shopping, travel booking, banking and business transactions can all be done in any room. Optimize your interiors with our Livingston home office collection from Pottery Barn. It’s a customizable modular system designed to fit any lifestyle.

Whether you're a single guy operating a technology startup from a one-room loft or a busy mom tasked with coordinating a family of five, modular home office furniture allows you flexibility in layout, function and style. In an era of on-demand movies and bespoke tailoring, it makes sense to personalize your living quarters. Pottery Barn’s modular systems give you the option of blending styles, finishes and features, such as glass doors and drawers. Modular home office collections are the answer to overwhelming open floor plans and awkward corners.

Similar to building blocks you played with as a child, modular pieces can be mixed, matched, arranged and rearranged to design a space that works for you. The same cabinet units used to line a long wall in a dining room, can be reconfigured to serve as a center island in a sewing room. Create a massive wall unit that can house a 55-inch television and conceal game consoles, DVD player and wireless Internet router. Manage paperwork without sacrificing style with hidden file cabinets. If you prefer a low-tech lifestyle, use solidly-constructed bookcases to create a library to showcase cherished books or an art collection. A standalone desk incorporated into a wall unit can be removed to serve as a checkout counter for your garage sale and then put back in place easily. Individual cabinet pieces with detailing, such as grown modeling, can be configured to look like built-in storage.

No need to restrict pieces to preconceived functions. File cabinets that look like bedside tables can be used as such. Cabinets with glass doors can form the base of a media center or a coffee bar near the kitchen. If placed in a walk-in closet, bookcases can provide boutique-like display space for denim and sweaters. A bench beneath a window and flanked by bookshelves becomes a cozy reading nook that can be topped with comfortable cushions. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity. Like your favorite smartphone applications, the beauty of modular systems is that you can expand or update them at any time.