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Logan Collection

Logan Home Office Furniture

Make your home office just as comfortable and accommodating as your office away from the house, so when you step through the door, your world adjusts from “what’s for dinner tonight“ to “what’s on the agenda today?“ Set up any of our Logan home offices from Pottery Barn and always look forward to when it’s time to work. Pull up your cozy work chair to an office desk station that not only gives you plenty of desk space for your laptop and room to stack files nearby, but also features drawers and cabinets below on either side of you. Keep files not in use in these drawers and other items you like to keep hidden, such as mailing necessities, extra notepads and work-related books and reports.

Glass hutch cabinets above the desktop allow you to keep items you prefer to view every day, like reference books you can’t live without and even a basket full of silk flowers that brighten the space, yet don’t require water. The space above the glass cabinets is an ideal home for your Internet router.

Do you need to store books, reference manuals and other old reports that are still relevant to your current work projects, but your desk isn’t large enough to house them? Not a problem. Bring in a bookcase with shelves, drawers and cabinets to hold all your heavy materials in addition to other items, or have a simple case intended just for books. A wall bookcase that also features drawers makes this piece of furniture home to other items. Use a drawer to hold electronic devices and cords when not in use and another for extra office supplies, such as pens, paper and binder clips, sticky note pads and staples. A bookcase with cabinets stores file folders and storage baskets that keep client reports organized, or place the baskets on the shelves for easier access.

When you sporadically work from home, a desk that provides enough room for your computer and a pad of paper for jotting down notes suits you perfectly. With a simple work desk, you get some drawers and a cabinet. Find a drawer perfectly sized to hold your computer when you off and on your time. And if your office space plays the role of kid’s room in the evenings, then the larger drawers and cabinet are nice places to store video games when not in use as well as the kids’ toys, games and books.