Leather Seating Collections

Every room has anchor pieces that serve as a foundation. They determine the placement of other decor and overall how the space feels. In a living room, sofas and sectionals are usually the anchor pieces. They give balance to the space and usually set the tone, theme and probably color palette for the surrounding accent pieces. If you’re beginning with a blank canvas, picking out the sofa or sectional first is a natural way to go. Or if you want to breathe new life into an existing layout, a distinctive sofa can make a big difference. At Pottery Barn, we have many styles to choose from, so finding something that fits your vision isn’t hard. So what does leather furniture have to offer? Check out these helpful tips and ideas for leather seating collections to see what makes leather so awesome.

The first thing most people think of when talking about leather is comfort. It has a history of being welcoming and cozy, inviting friends and family to plop down and sink into its generous arms. It accomplishes this thanks to especially deep cushions and padded arm rests. Even the back rest is exquisitely refreshing, making you want to lean back, close your eyes and relax. That’s probably why leather goes so well with a favorite drink and some soft music playing in the background.

Another advantage of leather is its signature texture. It’s a beautiful combination of smooth and creased that enthralls the senses. Guests can’t help but run their fingers over the irresistible surface, which is probably why they almost automatically choose leather seating when given the choice. And thanks to its special properties, leather furniture develops a unique patina as it wears, which makes it even more charming and personal.

Leather also gets noticed. It has a bold and powerful effect on interior design. Don’t be surprised when people immediately spot your leather sectional and comment on it. That striking appearance makes leather a good choice when you feel like giving the room a complete makeover.

What kind of ambience can leather sofas and sectionals create? Because leather is a natural product, it tends to give spaces a lot of warmth. It has a sense of family and emotional connection. So if you want to design a Tuscan-inspired living room that celebrates memorable occasions, good food and great wine, leather is an excellent way to decorate. It’s also very classy. Think of it as honest sophistication. Leather can hobnob at the most lavish gala, but also knows when it’s time to get down and party.

One design tip when working with leather is to keep in mind that it’s OK to mix and match furniture. Don’t feel obligated to use an entire living room layout of all leather – although it looks incredibly awesome if you want to go that way. It’s very stylish to add accent pieces that stand out on their own too. A single leather sofa across from an upholstered sofa and a pair of wood or upholstered chairs is a fashionable combination.

To balance colors, many interior designers suggest using both light and dark tones in a room. So if you choose a gorgeous chocolate sectional, try picking out a light area rug and glass accent tables. When it comes to wall paint, neutrals – like ivory, taupe, light gray or blue hues – combine effortlessly with any shade of leather. Another option is to pair dark leather with light woods and colorful plants.

Create a 1920s-style reading room with a tufted leather sofa. The luxurious appearance of leather goes perfectly with cocktails, velvet dresses and playful jazz. To accessorize, look for anything that says chic with a touch of over-the-top excitement, such as a gold or crystal chandelier that stands out, a large and colorful painting and an enticing Persian rug.

Want something that’s more about just kicking off your shoes and hanging around with family and friends. Look for a leather sectional that’s big, bright and cozy. Simple lines and gentle curves look great and make things about total relaxation. Surround yourself with wood accents and indirect lighting. Table lamps, floor lamps and sconces all share the love.