Office Chairs

Comfortable office chairs can make your workflow even smoother each day. After all, the more comfortable the chair is, the happier you'll be to put in that time and reach your goals. Swivel, armless, high back, low back – chairs today aren’t one-size-fits-all, and that’s a good thing. The importance of a good chair can’t be overstated. The right chair for your needs can help your back and legs feel limber while you stay alert and focused. Here at Pottery Barn, we have some helpful tips on how to choose the right model desk chair for your work style.

The Back

The back of an office chair should ideally be higher than your shoulders. If you’re petite, you may be comfortable with a shorter back that rests at your shoulder blades. Backs of certain chairs are adjustable so they can rock, tilt back or stay fixed. For some body types, a tufted-back chair, preferably one that tilts and is height adjustable, is the ultimate comfort, especially if it’s a model with a barrel-curved back.

The Seat

This is another important component of your comfort. You should feel like you fit perfectly in the seat, and the edge of the seat should feel comfortable where it sits underneath your thighs. The cushion should feel soft but firm enough for support. You may prefer a thickly padded seat, one made from mesh that breathes or a bare wood seat that accommodates a cushion you customize for your comfort. A height-adjustable seat can be important if you’re moving between various work surfaces, such as going from an office desk to a living room table.

The Arms

If you prefer armrests, they should be close to your body to let your shoulders relax. Chairs may have adjustable or fixed arms. Many experts suggest you choose adjustable arms for maximum comfort. However, there are chairs with fixed arms at the ideal height for you, and these can also prevent shoulder strain. If you’re choosing a chair that you don’t plan to spend as much time in, you have the option of an armless chair or one with modern, sculptural arms that add a pop of style in your workspace.

The Base

For long periods of sitting, a chair with rolling casters lets you freely move around a bit. If you’re placing your chair on an area rug, a base with casters is ideal even without a chair mat. For the occasional writing table chair, opt for a traditional armless upholstered or tufted-back chair with fixed legs that fits into your decor.

The Fabric

One of the newer, more advanced fabrics for desk chairs is non-stretch mesh that supports and hugs your body for comfort. Quality mesh has low abrasion to protect your clothing and skin. A chair can have both a mesh back and seat or a mesh back and cushioned seat. If you prefer an upholstered chair, it’s easy to find fabrics and leather designed to fit seamlessly with your decor, including models with traditional button tufted-backs.

Your choice of chair is ultimately based on your preference in your home office. Remember that the average American spends about 95 percent of the workday seated, whether working in an office or at home. Take care in selecting the functionality of your chair so it looks good and keeps you feeling that way, too.