Desk Chairs & Home Office Chairs

Office furniture selection tends to focus heavily on desks and other large pieces. These large pieces are quite important and do deserve a lot of attention, but don’t forget that a beautiful, spacious desk can be made all the more inviting with the addition of a comfortable chair. Pottery Barn’s desk chairs and home office chairs give you the opportunity to create an ergonomically appropriate workspace with an unmistakable sense of style. With features including adjustable height and rolling feet, our chairs are just what you need to make your work space feel wonderful. Whether you’ve got an entire room to yourself or your office is tucked away in the corner of your bedroom, our chairs will help you bring the room together with elegant style.

Far from the monotonous options seen in most corporate offices, our home office furniture allows you to build an efficient work space that reflects your unique personality and taste. From tufted, upholstered chairs to rustic wooden desks, you can shop from a single furniture collection or mix and match pieces to build an eclectic but refined home office. We’ll help you create an office space you can be proud of and show off, and if you regularly welcome clients or colleagues into your work space, our desk chair offerings include stationary guest chairs that can match or coordinate our rolling chair options.

Our desk chairs match beautifully with our other home office furniture options, but it’s important to consider your work habits and postural needs as you shop. If you type and look at a computer screen while you’re at work, focus on buying an adjustable chair that allows you to attain a neutral seating posture, which will help reduce strain on your neck, wrists and arms. If you are thinking about selecting on of our adjustable standing desks, rolling chair may be a handy addition to the office so you can move it out of the way while you’re standing. Comfort is key when you’re designing your work space.

Though it’s important to consider the practicality of the furniture you choose, you don’t have to ignore style completely. Picking out a colorful low-pile rug to go under your desk chair, particularly if you have wood or laminate floors and want to select a rolling chair, is a great way to both add visual interest and protect your home. With desk chairs available in a variety of colors and fabrics, from clear acrylic to deep brown leather and ivory upholstery, you’ll have no trouble picking out a rug and chair combination that looks great together and adds an extra element of sophistication to the room. Rugs can also be great for office spaces because they help dampen sound, which can be important if you conduct confidential business in your office.

While it’s a good idea to coordinate your chair selection with your desk to ensure you’ll be sitting at the right height, you can also consider what kind of cabinetry you want from your office based on what kind of chair you want to get. Being able to easily lean over and access files while seated can help make your workflow process much smoother, so it’s worth measuring and making sure your furniture arrangement complements your chair selection. A little bit of forethought can help you create a comfortable and functional office space that allows you to look out for your health and your business. Selecting an office chair isn’t the most important decision you will ever make, but it is one worth considering carefully so you can make your office into a comfortable place you enjoy spending time.