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Sofa and Sectional Collections

Sofa and Sectional collections inspire you to create a design theme for your entire living room. Each sofa and sectional in our collections has a distinctive theme that goes along well with other furniture in your dining room, bedroom or home office. Having furniture pieces in the same collection throughout your living space creates a well-balanced interior design for your home. At Pottery Barn, we offer a wide range of sofas and sectional collections in diverse styles ensuring that you’ll find a few that suit your taste and go well with the existing furniture and decorative elements you already have.

The sofas and sectionals in our collections come in a variety of sizes, colors, upholstery fabric and functionality, such as with sleeper sofas. Their designs, however, set these sofa and sectional collections apart from each other. Taking inspiration from two major styles, you can go with the classy elegance of modern seating furniture or opt for the comfort and homey look of contemporary sofas and sectionals. Our sofas and sectionals have additional features that you may like, such as seating made with eco-friendly materials and hypoallergenic upholstery fabric.

Among the designs that are available in our modern sofa and sectional collections include styles with well-defined lines, nailhead trims, fixed upholstery seats and backrests as well as tufting and tapered legs on some models, which elevates the base. Most of our contemporary sofa and sectional collections feature low-slung seating furniture with upholstered bases, plush cushions and backrests that are removable in most contemporary collection offerings. These features on both our sofa and sectional collections are also present in other seating furniture for the living room in the same collection, such as ottomans, chairs and benches.

Size is an important consideration when buying furniture for your living space as you want to be sure that the sofa or sectional is the right size for the space where you plan for it to go. If you are just replacing an old sofa or sectional, and you want your new furniture to be in the same size, all you need to do is measure its dimensions and narrow your search by looking through our offerings that closely match its size. However, if you are unsure of the size of the seating furniture that you want, measure the space that you have available for it. Take into account that you’ll need extra space around the seating area for family members or guests to move around as well as allowing for space in between the sofa or sectional and the other furniture in your living room. Once you have these measurements, it is just a matter of selecting the style of furniture that appeals to you.

Our sofas are available in a standard size, which are from 80 to 89 inches wide. Love seats measure from 61 inches to as wide as 78 inches. Grand sofas are also available in some collections, and these can measure more than 90 inches wide. Apart from the width of the sofa, you may also want to check its depth of its seating and the height of the backrest as these two dimensions also affect its overall size. If you wish to go with a sleeper sofa, check its dimensions when stretched out in sleeper configuration to ensure that it still fits into the space that you have designated for it. Sectionals also require ample space in your living room. Apart from making sure that you have enough space for it, check if the sectional is in the right orientation in relation to the space in your living room where it will go.