Entryway & Storage Benches

The entryway is the first part of your home that guests see when they walk through your front door. It also usually serves as the landing pad for all of your family’s daily essentials, such as phones, keys, shoes, coats and more, meaning that clutter can quickly take over. Though it may be a small space in your home, it is one that should not be overlooked when it comes to decorating. With the right furniture, your guests will truly be impressed with the beauty, elegance and organization of your home. Benches and storage benches to place at the entrance of your home help to reduce clutter and make a lasting first impression.

Drawers are one of the easiest ways to manage clutter and keep things organized in your home. Many of our benches come with drawers that slide easily under the seat so that small items are always in their place and within reach. It also keeps these items out of view for a cleaner look. Shelves are another storage option that you can find in our entryway benches. This open design allows you to store shoes off of the floor or tuck other items out of the way so that people can easily walk through. Enhance the function and appearance by adding baskets underneath the bench. Use the baskets to store small items and to give the bench a rustic look.

One of the biggest reasons you might consider adding a bench to your entryway is so that family members and guests have a comfortable place to sit while they take off or put on their shoes before exiting or entering your home. An upholstered bench is soft to the touch and cushioned for a bit of added comfort. These also fit well in bedrooms at the foot of a bed to create a cozy feel. Many of our tufted and upholstered benches also offer hidden storage so that you can stow extra blankets, pillows or other small items out of the way. It’s functional and also elegant in appearance.

If you need more storage space and less seating space, then consider adding a cabinet or a bookcase to your entryway. Cabinets are great for storing coats, sweaters and umbrellas so that they do not pile up at the entrance of your home. Bookcases are perfect for adding a bit of decoration to your entryway. Make your home warm and inviting by placing plants, photo frames and other accessories on a bookcase to greet guests as they enter your home.

Benches often sit low to the ground, leaving a lot of empty wall space in your entryway. Make use of this space by adding coat hooks along the wall above the bench. Additionally, you can install a floating shelf on the wall to add a bit of decoration to your space. A mirror also adds a nice touch to your entryway and allows people to take a quick look at themselves before heading out the door.

Your entryway creates the first impression that your guests have of your home. Storage benches are perfect for adding comfort to the entrance of your home while managing the clutter of your everyday life. At Pottery Barn, you’ll find a large selection of entryway and storage benches to keep your home organized and always looking its best. No matter what style or size of space you’re working with, you can find the perfect piece for your home in our collection.