Emily & Meritt

In this designer gift spotlight, you’ll see our most gorgeous gifts handpicked for you by the dynamic design duo of Emily and Meritt. With their unique vision of blending fashion and design, Emily Current and Meritt Elliott work together to craft the ideal combination of luxury and simplicity. Known for their love of denim and chic sensibilities, this design team has an eye for the gifts and accessories that are most likely to appeal to the glamorous side in all of us. In addition to creating designs of their own, Emily and Meritt have taken the time to curate a list of their favorite gifts from Pottery Barn’s collections.

Emily and Meritt’s gift picks focus on some of our most luxurious and indulgent items. From faux fur throws to metallic tech accessories, you’ll find tantalizing options for everyone on your gift list. You may even find some chic presents that you can’t help but treat yourself to. Whether you’re shopping for a wedding, birthday, graduation or holiday, Emily and Meritt gifts are a fantastic choice. They’re a great fit for anyone who appreciates fine design in life and doesn’t shy away from the bold and eye-catching.

Emily and Meritt gifts are stylish and exciting, and they’re great for anyone with a distinctive sense of style. The picks in this category include luxe metallic accents that work their magic in any part of your home or office. Objects both functional and decorative offer possibilities for everyone from coworkers to family members. Your dedicated, supportive boss will love receiving a token of your appreciation to display on her wall, and the art selections from the Emily and Meritt gifts collection may have just what you need to make the right gesture. Stylish dads and ambitious grads alike will love the ways their Emily and Meritt gifts remind them of you.

This collection offers plenty of gift options for men and women alike. Anyone with an appreciation of good taste and style will enjoy the luxe detailing and modern sensibility on display with these gift picks. You’ll find products that are useful all throughout the house and for a variety of occasions, from daily display to party perfection and elegant entertaining. Tableware, entertaining accessories, decor and organizational supplies are all on offer. If you’re having trouble narrowing down your options, consider what your gift recipient might use the most. If he or she seems to already have everything, consider a luxurious accessory such as a faux fur blanket.

Our Emily and Meritt gifts collection is easy to narrow down into separate categories, giving you the power to select an item that’s just right for the event in question. Choose a smaller gift for a casual occasion and one of the larger, more luxurious gift for a major life event. From host gifts for a dinner party to gifts for your best friend’s wedding, you’ll find the right item or items to delight and inspire your loved ones. Bring a touch of beauty into the equation by selecting one of the Emily and Meritt gifts that has customized monogramming options available.

Gift giving is an opportunity to show your loved ones that you appreciate them and understand what makes them unique. Emily and Meritt gifts are a great option for all of the fashionistas and style innovators in your life. From a chic cousin to a fashion-forward friend, you’ll bring delight and appreciation to the people who matter most to you. Choose something that reflects the gift recipient’s unique style and enjoy the delight you see when the gift gets unwrapped. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself – style loves company, after all. That’s part of what makes the best-friend duo of Emily and Meritt so successful.