Botanical Gifts

Botanical gifts from Pottery Barn are an everlasting present and there are many options. Centuries ago, John Bartram, a botanist who lived in the 1700s, traveled the east coast to categorize plants in their natural settings. His work took years because there was so much to do. Just like those early years, we still have many options in the botanical world. Live plants like hearty succulents, soothing lavender and orchids are beautiful and add to the decor. With a little bit of care, these will continue to grow. Planterswill protect the succulents, lavender and other herbs if you move them outdoors. This will encourage growth and keep them thriving. The decorative planters will add to the outside decor. In many ways, your gift will keep giving. Hydrangeas bloom and can be dried to preserve them in lovely arrangements. Or plant them in the yard to watch them bloom each year.

Faux arrangements are ideal botanical gifts for someone who likes plants but doesn’t want to take care of them. These plants can be placed anywhere in the house since you don’t have to worry about sunlight or watering them. They look like the real thing too. A faux bougainvillea has everlasting blooms without the prickly thorns. Place it anywhere for added color. A faux aloe or jade plant is ideal in a kitchen. Include tea towels the recipient can use daily to remember you. Many tea towels come with floral or botanical prints that would tie the two gifts together. Faux plants are perfect for hospital and nursing home patients. Not only are they low maintenance, but they also do not give off a scent, which can bother some patients undergoing certain types of medical treatments.

Wreaths for a front door make a great botanical gift idea. A live rosemary wreath is said to be a gift for remembrance. A live flowering wreath or dried makes an ideal Mother's Day or hostess gift. Dried wreaths will last all year. Seasonal variations are good for changing out the wreath every few months and for special holidays. Although wreaths are typically hung on front doors as a sign of welcome, they can also be hung on back doors or inside as decoration on walls. Most wreaths you think about are round, but square options can be a little different and out of the ordinary.

If you prefer to give flowers or greenery, choose a decorative vase for them. Our botanicals look great in ceramic, galvanized or glass vases, or maybe in a decorative olive bucket. Even if the flowers or greenery die, the container will continue to last. Corkscrew willow branches or cattails add an earthy tone to the room. They look best in tall vases and will look good for years to come.

Consider a terrarium for the nature lover. Decorative terrariums are a far cry from the ones made in fish aquariums in grade school. Glass containers resembling a pergola house live or faux plants and relics now. These terrariums are pretty much self-sufficient and exude subtle elegance while adding a touch of the outdoors.

If you are shopping for a gardener who has just about everything, there are gifts of artwork pertaining to various types of plants. Surely Bartram made some of his own sketches during his recording of plants. Botanical art prints on canvas or wood, framed colorful, floral pictures and photographs are a creative and expressive gift to give. Black and white photographs add an artsy flair. Because of their neutral colors, they can fit into any decor. Gardening is actually a form of art, so giving a gardener a piece or two of artwork is quite appropriate.