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Gifts For Her

It could be said that the way to a woman’s heart is through gifts. Few things make her eyes light up quite as much as receiving a present, especially when it’s from someone she appreciates or adores. Gifts are a great way to develop lasting friendships. And if you’re looking for a way to gain the affection of a special woman in your life, giving her a well-thought present is sure to have a big effect. Not exactly sure what to pick out? Don’t worry. At Pottery Barn, we offer plenty of charming gifts for her, and they all cater to different types of personalities and interests. So finding something women absolutely love isn’t difficult. Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

One of the first things a woman reaches for when heading out of the house is her purse. Fashion bags are both stylish and practical, so it’s not hard to see why ladies love them. A large tote has room for everything a woman needs for a day at the beach and then some. Makeup? Check. Car keys? Definitely. The spacious interior can also hold her coin purse, checkbook, card holder, tissues, hand cream, sunblock, hand sanitizer and anything else she carries around every day. It also keeps her cell phone or tablet safe from bumps, splashes and scratches.

And if the woman you love already has a number of totes? Chances are another is more than welcome. A chic bag gives her another accessory to use when creating a stunning beach outfit. Vibrant colors match the excitement of the sand and surf. Bold stripes and other patterns look great with her white capris during the day, or with a flowing wrap after the sun goes down.

Another gift that’s useful and elegant is a jewelry box. Why do women love jewelry boxes? Well, for one thing, it keeps their jewelry in excellent condition. A woman often has a specific pair of earrings in mind that complete her outfit perfectly. So if one of the earrings is missing, it’s a genuine fashion emergency. With a jewelry box, everything is right in its place, neatly organized and easy to locate.

Plus, thanks to lots of drawers and compartments, she has enough space for many different pieces. That way a woman can get really creative with different colors of accessories in amazing combinations. And if she looks stunning, guess who she thinks of? The person who gave her a beautiful jewelry box always holds a special place in her heart.

A tray is another fashion-related present that’s small but powerful. It serves two purposes. First, it’s a trendy decor piece. Some trays are metallic, which says modern chic everywhere. Other containers are made of leather or wood. They make the bedroom feel warm and inviting. A second big reason that trays are sure to be appreciated is that they save a woman lots of time. When she gets home from work at night, she probably doesn’t want to worry about putting her jewelry away right that second. A relaxing bath is what she desires instead. So how can she slip off her earrings and bracelets quickly without losing them by accident? That’s where a tray is extremely handy. And the best part is that her favorite pieces are ready and waiting in the morning if she needs to head off to work in a hurry.

Speaking of a soothing bath, anything that lets a woman kick up her feet, let go of stress and pamper herself a bit is also a wonderful – and very thoughtful – gift. Aromatic bath soaps help her relax. After she gets out of the tub, a supersoft and absorbent towel treats her skin to luxury and makes sure her hair dries quickly if she feels like a night out on the town. If staying at home with a favorite movie is planned instead, a cozy blanket or bath robe – as well as a pair of slippers – keep women comfortable and warm. That way she gets to enjoy the royal treatment whenever she wants.