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Gifts for Him

It should come as no surprise that men like presents just as much as women. After all, everyone wants to know that they’re loved and appreciated by friends and family members. For guys, those little expressions give them something to look forward to when they get home. Dads get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when they receive something special from their children. As their eyes light up, the person giving the present can’t help but smile, too, which means gifts are almost always a win-win situation. If you are not sure what to pick out for an important man in your life, we make it easy at Pottery Barn to shop for dads, brothers, sons, grandsons, grandfathers, graduates and so on. We even have presents that are ideal for bosses, clients and co-workers, too. Finding what you’re looking for isn’t hard.

In most cases, the first step to understanding a guy’s mind – and deciding on a present he’ll love – is to think practical. They especially enjoy gifts that make their life easier; picture something they can use daily for a long time to come. Our selection of gifts for him focuses on items that both enhance and complement a man’s signature style and gets the job done.

Technology is a favorite of many men. At work, their laptop, tablet and cellphone all increase productivity by helping them finish tasks faster. They can connect to the Internet wherever they go and contact clients or fellow employees anytime. That’s why many guys and their electronic devices are inseparable. A tech case keeps gadgets gives their favorite phone or tablet an added layer of protection from scratches or unexpected impacts. A charger makes sure a man’s tech is always ready to go, so business presentations go smoothly and successfully.

If the man in your life is big on travel, luggage is a great gift. If you have concerns that it might be too impersonal a gift, you should know that many guys adore travel bags, especially men with an adventurous spirit. It gives them a sense of freedom and independence. Being able to hit the road – or take to the skies – and check out someplace new is exciting to everyone. For some men, a weekender bag or carry-on luggage item is like a faithful friend that’s always by their side.

Another interesting travel item you can buy as a gift for a man is a leather valet. Think of it as a guy’s version of a jewelry box. It’s a place where he stores accessories that are important to him. There’s room for several watches, cuff links, tie clips, rings and anything else that reminds him of the events that shaped who he is. It keeps those essential pieces safe and secure both at home and when away on business.

In the home, and at the office, guys usually like to have a space for everything. A desk plays a big part in getting things done quickly and efficiently. That way a man can organize his documents and still have plenty of room to work. A large, uncluttered surface helps him concentrate on the task at hand, envision possible outcomes and come up with imaginative solutions. Some vibrant artwork also helps stimulate creativity and reduce stress.

If you are looking for a gift for a master mixologist, high-quality bar tools and distinctive glasses are indispensable. A fully equipped bar makes it possible for a man to earn some well-deserved fame. Tasty drinks make a lasting impression among family member, friends, co-workers and others, so being able to serve a perfect martini – shaken or stirred – makes guys feel a little bit like a spy or business powerhouse themselves. It’s a good feeling.