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Gifts for Hosts & Hostesses

Whether you’re invited to a dinner, a casual gathering or a more formal party, a thank-you gift to show your appreciation to your host or hostess isn’t just a showing of good manners. It’s a thoughtful way to let them know how pleased you were to be included, and a reflection of what a wonderful time you had while there. It’s always nice to know the effort put into a big night was appreciated, and this is the ideal opportunity to give them something to keep that will remind them of the event as well. From a set of candle holders to a dinner tray or a small piece of artwork, the ways to say thank you are endless. A host or hostess gift can be given the night of the event when you arrive or sent following the party, which gives you a little more time to think of the perfect item.

An eye-catching artificial plant, whether one that is blooming or one that consists of just greenery means you’ll be giving a gift that will last and can be placed anywhere in the gathering’s home like a porch or patio. Stunning faux succulents are an excellent choice and don’t take up much space. There are also more exotic choices, such as an artificial orchid in bloom or an aloe plant that looks lifelike without involving the work of a live plant.

If you would rather give the host something more personal, such as a monogrammed gift from Pottery Barn, that is a thoughtful way to let your hosts know that the gift was selected just for them. A throw pillow with an initial or a small engraved display tray that can hold a few pieces of jewelry or other small belongings are both possibilities that will surprise and delight your host or hostess. Add the last initial of your host to a set of cloth napkins or some small guest soaps that go well in the powder room.

If the event is truly special and memorable, a clever way to commemorate the event is with a picture frame. Give one that can be used with a memorable photograph or two from the event. Select from dozens of offerings including wood frames, metal frames and frames featuring different colors, styles and sizes. This makes it a gift that is not only useful, but thoughtful as well.

Giving a gift that can be used by the host for future gatherings is another distinct way to say thank you. Whether it is decorative melamine chip-and-dip tray, a condiment server or a set of pretty towels, they are all sure to be used often and appreciated by the recipient. Melamine dinnerware is made of a durable material that can be used both indoors and outdoors. A gift of napkins, napkin rings or a stand for a drink dispenser are all great gifts for gracious people who invite others into their homes. If your hosts are a couple, there are still plenty of gift options that they will both be able to enjoy together. A set of pretty stemware, some decorative baskets or a small, tasteful art print can be an enjoyable way to show your appreciation.

A thoughtful gift is also one that will be used repeatedly. Giving a gift to the people who welcome you into their home, no matter what the occasion, is a thoughtful thing to do and will generate much appreciation. Whenever you’re invited to be a part of an occasion in somebody’s home, a special gift is an unforgettable way you can say thank you.