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For the Traveler

Heading somewhere new is exciting. People love to check out exotic tropical locations on vacation. For many people, traveling is a regular part of life. When not flying to an international destination, they’re on their way to a meeting with domestic clients or across the country for an important business seminar. At Pottery Barn, we want modern explorers to enjoy the ride to the fullest. If you’re looking for something to give to a friend, family member or colleague who travels a lot, check out a few of the possibilities.

When trying to choose the right present for travelers, focus on two things: space and style. To find something that makes a lasting impression, it’s helpful to know how much of each the person wants. For example, a businessman who commutes a long distance to the office needs room for a laptop, documents and supplies, but usually not clothing. College students, on the other hand, probably like to pack several pairs of shoes, a few outfits, dirty laundry and all manner of electronic devices whenever they head home for a visit. A practical storage bag makes their trip a lot easier whether traveling by car, bus or airplane.

To figure out the right amount of chic for a friend or co-worker, think about that person's lifestyle and how he or she usually dresses. Some travel pieces feature rich tones of leather that are ideal for the weekend jet setter. They turn heads in the airport while gliding through lines with fashionable clothing, panache and a monogrammed bag. Leather is also an excellent choice for power players in business who want to wow clients from the moment they arrive. If you are looking for something a little more laid back, high-quality canvas suitcases offer a relaxed feel ideal to pair with sunglasses and some driving gloves. They go wherever you do, from a South American jungle to a white sand beach.

A backpack is something practical that’s also very easy to carry around. That makes it a good fit for college students or people who like to travel light. It counts as a personal item, so it’s easy to stow in an overhead bin or under your seat for day trips to Las Vegas, Miami or New York City. Backpacks are also a favorite for computer techs who like to keep all the tools of their trade close by. They hold a laptop or two, digital devices, repair equipment, cables and connectors without problems. Therefore, whether heading from office to office or hitting the road, everything is ready to go.

A weekender or duffle bag is like a backpack’s big brother. It has the same sense of playfulness and popularity, but with even more space. Several changes of clothes, electronics, personal items and shoes all fit easily. Thanks to lots of separate pockets, your duffle bag becomes a kind of center of operations when you get to your destination. There are places to keep used clothing separate, store snacks and organize all your things. It’s no surprise that a weekender practically feels like a member of the family for girls and guys alike.

When spending lots of time in the airport, travelers appreciate durable luggage big time. For one thing, it protects their essential possessions from unexpected bumps or falls. Rolling pieces are unbeatable since it means you don’t need to bend over to pick up bags. Moving through the airport line is effortless, which gets rid of a ton of stress – especially if commuting is a daily thing. Our travel luggage is designed to offer maximum storage possibilities while still fitting into an overhead bin or trunk. That gives you the freedom to pack for both work and play. Feel free to pack formal wear and dress shoes as well a swimsuit and flip-flops.

To help as much as possible with organization, another useful gift is a toiletry bag. Both men and women like to keep their personal items neat and clean. For business trips, that means looking persuasive and charming even when away from home. When on vacation, it brings the comforts of your favorite scents and sensations along with you, no matter where you go.