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Travel Gifts for Life on The Go

Experience the joy of giving your free-wheeling friends beautiful travel gifts. Although you may not see these people as often as you like if they're on the road a lot--or maybe a special someone is taking a big trip soon--you can stay on their minds when you share gorgeous gifts to take along. Shop for tech pouches, jewelry storage, eye masks, luggage tags and more.

Luxury Gifts Make Travel More Special

A trip abroad or to a new city is exciting on its own. Whether your loved one is traveling for business or pleasure, it's always a better time when they have little luxuries to remind them of home and make their lives easier while in transit. Pick up one of these finely-made travel gifts to make time away feel special.

  • A refined gift of a travel jewelry box lets them being along watches, earrings, chains and more that might otherwise be left behind for ease of packing.
  • High-end personal care packages with delightful fragrances trump most hotel versions. Give them the gift of self-care after a long day on the move.
  • Silk or faux fur eye masks support rest during flight times, in new beds or near windows that may not have the same light filtration as at home.

Unique Gifts for Travelers

Discover unique gifts to let your friends and family know you're thinking about their happiness and well-being even when they're gone.

  • Any traveler needs a flashlight, but most don't think to pack one. Grab a powerful, yet stylish torch with its own power bank for light during any adventure they may encounter.
  • Explore the ingenious ways to pack tech now available at Pottery Barn. Sophisticated cord carriers, a case customized for smartwatches or all-in-one portfolio cases for tablets and other devices surprise and delight.
  • Be part of the memory making even from afar. Little photo lights, touch-up mirrors and other photo-ready gifts ensure vacay mementos are perfect for social media from the first click.

Monograms and Initials

To add an even more personalized touch to travel gifts, add monograms or initials. A monogram makes your gift one-of-a-kind and wholly theirs.

  • Luggage tags are the natural place to stamp initials. Engraving is polished, sophisticated and long-lasting.
  • Add personalization to leather goods, like travel cases, jewelry boxes or other essential travel trinkets.
  • An initial on a carry-on case or larger piece of luggage makes suitcase spotting quick and easy at the carousel.

Present these thoughtful gifts next time someone you love plans a journey. Maybe you'll get a souvenir in return!