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Personalized Gifts

Everyone loves presents. And that’s not surprising. People flourish with the love, affection and support of those around them. Receiving a gift from someone you admire is like them saying they care. And the same goes for the people that you appreciate. Giving them a present is a way to celebrate their joys. One way to make a gift unforgettable is to add a monogram. At Pottery Barn, we offer many personalized possibilities for different tastes. They’re a great option for someone special, close friends, loved ones or even a respected boss. Here are nine reasons that personalized gifts leave such a lasting impression.

First of all, a monogram sets your gift apart from the crowd. At a wedding or baby shower, there are a lot of presents to open. But when the receivers see something with their name or monogram, they stop to stare. It grabs their attention and moves them to ask who gave them something so beautiful.

A personalized gift reaches the heart. Why? Because it shows that your gift took some time. It wasn’t something you grabbed on the way; you carefully studied several options, picked out something they love and had their name inscribed on it. It shows the person that you truly value your shared friendship and care about your friend. And that means a lot.

Like the name suggests, personalized gifts are, well, personal. It doesn’t feel like just another present. It feels like their present. People often pause and caress monogrammed gifts a bit while turning it over and studying it carefully. They develop a connection with it.

Monograms also remind them of you. Even many years later, when someone asks them where they got that personalized set of glasses or leather bag, they remember your name immediately. That’s why monogrammed gifts are wonderful for graduates who are moving out of the house. No matter where they are, you still have a special place in their heart.

Personalized presents represent an emotion. So they last for a lifetime. Our high-quality gifts stay beautiful for a very long time. And with a monogram, people treasure a favorite photo frame – probably with a picture of the two of you together – or jewelry box even when decorating styles change.

A monogram gives gifts an extra level of importance. People carefully protect personalized presents. They store them safely but also use them frequently. A monogrammed weekend bag quickly becomes a traveler’s preferred companion. Whether heading somewhere by car or plane, there’s never a doubt which bag to take along.

Being honest, personalized gifts are just plain awesome too. Having your initials on a set of cocktail glasses or bar tools impresses you, and your guests too. The same thing goes for custom decor. Prints, decorative pillows and wall art with striking letters look cool. And there’s nothing wrong with showing off a bit.

Monograms can be a lot of fun too. Have you ever wanted to wake up in the morning and see your initials engraved on a bar of soap? Towels, sheets and pillows all give you the opportunity to express a little creativity and humor. Use up to three letters for your favorite Internet acronym, or classic favorites like Mr., Mrs. and other abbreviations.

People also love personalized gifts because it makes them feel even more accepted, important and powerful. Slipping on a supersmooth robe is already luxurious. But if it also has your initials on it, you suddenly become someone famous. From there, it’s not hard to imagine that you’re staying at a lavish spa and sipping mimosas in front of the pool. And after going for a swim, dry off with your personalized towel, which also has an elegant – you guessed it – monogram.