Ken Fulk

San-Francisco-based designer and event planner Ken Fulk affectionately refers to his workspace as “the magic factory,” and when you get a sense for his uniquely playful take on home decor, you’ll see why this is such an appropriate name. Fulk’s sensibilities are both sophisticated and fun, resulting in a charming mix of glamour and whimsy that brings something special to any occasion. With this Pottery Barn gift guide, you can get Fulk’s assistance in choosing the ideal gift for anyone on your list. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday or major life event, you’ll find a range of fantastic options to consider among our curated list of Ken Fulk gifts.

The selections on this list reflect a special kind of elegance that’s both artistic and classic. Fulk combed through our collections of furniture, decor, accessories and entertainment supplies and found the most unusual statement pieces we offer. If you are looking for something for a truly original individual with a brave approach to style and a refined eye for good design, you may just find the right gift within this collection. Sculptural coffee tables, whimsical decorative objects and intricately detailed lamps are all on offer, giving you the perfect approach to a housewarming gift or wedding present for the person who seems to have it all.

Our list of Ken Fulk gifts also includes excellent options for the social butterfly in your life. From beautiful barware to decorative pieces that would make for a fantastically fun dining table centerpiece, there are several great host and hostess gifts to consider on this list. If you have any friends or family members who love to greet guests with a warm hug and a cold drink, you may be able to find a flawless favor to give as a thank-you present for all the good times you’ve shared together. Some of the items on the list of Ken Fulk gifts have optional monogramming options so you can make your gift truly special and personal for the expert entertainer.

The gifts on this list range from small tokens of affection and appreciation to large pieces that will remind the recipient of you on a daily basis. You can choose a small decorative object for a birthday gift or collect several of the furniture and decor items on this list into a major anniversary or wedding gift for a romantic partner. Ken Fulk’s selections offer a fantastic range of possibilities that you can turn to for a memorable gift that makes a huge impact. You may even find some ways to treat yourself to some new home furnishings and decor that embody Fulk’s signature sense of playfulness and artistry.

Our Ken Fulk gifts are just a small slice of the wonderful gift options we offer. From luxe throw blankets to charming tableware, our product offerings embrace a sense of quality and style that makes gift giving a simple pleasure. Whether you find the right item on this page or on another one of our handy gift lists, you’ll have a variety of options to consider so you can be sure to make the right final decision. You can focus on a specific product category or browse around to see what inspires you and reminds you of that special someone you’re shopping for.

From wedding registries to childhood holiday gift wish lists, it can be helpful to have a limited range of options in front of you as you pick out a gift. This list of Ken Fulk gifts gives you a carefully curated range of items to contemplate as you search for the right choice. If you’re looking for a way to bring some joy and glamour to someone truly special, you may find just what you’re looking for.