Discover Ken Fulk Favorites

If you’ve been looking for furniture with a powerful sense of drama and a surprisingly boisterous mood, Ken Fulk’s curated selection of furnishings is for you. Be sure to choose at least a piece or two from this exceptional round-up chosen as superlative by Fulk for Pottery Barn. Fulk’s penchant for moody, restrained grandiosity is fully on display in this marvelous collection.

Who Is Ken Fulk?

Ken Fulk is a superstar of the design world, known for lavish interior design that combines an eccentric California vibe with measured opulence. His forms and formats are perfectly balanced to accommodate a sly sense of fun.

  • Fulk is known for decorating the home interiors of Hollywood stars, music icons and other glamorous famous clients. He works primarily out of a studio he calls The Magic Factory.
  • His interior design has made it into upscale and trend-setting cafes, restaurants and nightclubs for its sense of scale, theatrics and luxury.
  • This special shop is a unique curation that draws upon Fulk’s bold tastes in order to marry selections with the furniture you’ve already placed in your home.

Dramatic Accents for Your Rooms

Fulk’s chosen pieces comprise a full set of furnishings to adorn a single dramatic living room or for you to place around your house to create a whimsical harmony that is remarkable, but subtle.

  • Invest in the beauty of an occasional chair with tapered arms and feet and gorgeous rustic appeal.
  • Look to a large black trunk that acts as a side table for a sense of the magic similar to what Fulk claims in his studio name. It’s easy to see why he loves this piece.
  • Incredible lighting options call out what makes these madcap designs so special. As faux fur pillows become a new modern classic, Fulk delights in details ranging from faux antlers to contrasting industrial cantilevers.

Your Official Ken Fulk Gift Guide

Discover the tastes of Ken Fulk here. Browsing these pieces of furniture is akin to examining fine art. If you’re looking for magnificent gift ideas, look no further. Fulk has picked his favorites for you.

  • Choose an amazing chandelier to give to a beloved family member as a housewarming gift. This is a statement piece that can tie together a dining room or entryway as your loved one begins decorating anew.
  • Discover pieces that complement the aesthetic, like a zebra rug or a copper mule cup. By bringing the same sense of fun to your gifts, you evoke the glory of Fulk’s curatorial powers.
  • Place one of these pieces on your own wedding registry. A milestone occasion might be the perfect chance to receive an incredible piece of furniture like this.

See for yourself why Fulk is such a revered creative mind when you shop this spectacular collection, specially designed by Pottery Barn and called out by the designer as some of his favorites.