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Mother’s Day Gifts

Moms are special people who are always looking out for others and taking care of us. She deserves a day designated to her when we can thank her for all she does and let her know she truly is appreciated. Whether you’re shopping for your mom, grandmother, wife, a mother-to-be or someone who fills the role of a mom, you want to find something that fits her personality, her interests or what you know she really wants. We’ve got you covered with our selection of Mother’s Day gifts. We set aside what we have found to be the things that moms like best. The list makes your shopping easier, and we know Mom will be happy.

To give her many relaxing nights, consider giving her a comfy robe, perhaps monogrammed, thrown in with some bubble bath. Robes come in roomy kimono designs, spa styles or waffle weave. Add an oil diffuser with a fragrance she loves. She can place it by her bath for aromatic benefits. Ocean scents, pomegranate and fig exude relaxation. And, at the end of the day, every mom deserves a bubble bath, relaxation, peace and quiet.

Luxurious, plush bath towels would be a welcomed gift. Choose from fluffy sculpted towels or organic ones that she can wrap herself in while drying off after a long bubble bath. Include a soft bath rug that gives thick padding for her feet and keeps her from slipping out of the tub. Memory foam is really cushy or go for a textured rug. The rugs are washable and sewn to last.

Give a gift that keeps on giving by offering her a vase. Each month you can send her flowers to go in the vase. Or you can get her some dried flowers or faux arrangements to go in the vase, and they’ll last forever without needing any maintenance. Hydrangeas, sentimental roses and cheerful sunflowers are all fabulous choices. Choose one for each season and surprise her every few months.

If she likes jewelry, and almost every mom does, you might want to give her a new jewelry box. She’ll be able to organize the jewelry she has and store it safely without the worry of tangles and knots. If she already has a jewelry box, consider getting her a jewelry tree or stand for the jewelry she uses most often. This is definitely an awesome addition to her dresser. Rings, necklaces and bracelets all fit where they need to be. Meanwhile the jewelry she doesn’t wear as often can stay in the jewelry box.

Since every mother is beautiful, you could get her an awesome floor length mirror. She will appreciate the practicality of the mirror but will really love that you think she is beautiful. Tape a message to the mirror or include a piece of wall art that has the French phrase “Je t’aime,” which means “I love you” in English. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Fix Mom a meal on her big day and be sure to offer a glass of wine in an elegant wine glass. She can prop her feet up while you prepare the food. If you don’t cook, order take out and pretend you made it. Play some soft jazz and, if her glass runs low, be sure to refill it with her favorite Sauvignon Blanc or Merlot. And be sure to do the dishes after dinner is finished, even if that just means throwing away the take-out boxes. This sweet gesture will be a gift in itself. Moms love that kind of stuff.