Pauline Boyd

Artists have a special eye for quality and style, and that’s why we’ve asked some of our favorite designers and creatives to curate gift lists that suit their artistic styles. This gift list from quilt artisan Pauline Boyd uses motherhood as its inspiration, but you can find something on this list for the caring individual in your life no matter what kind of nurturing he or she does. From Mother’s Day to birthdays and “just because” surprises, Pottery Barn’s Pauline Boyd gifts are a beautiful gesture for any occasion. With items both large and small on offer here, you can choose the ideal way to express your admiration for someone special.

Pauline Boyd gifts include a variety of different housewares and entertaining equipment that can add a chic dash of sophistication to special occasions and the daily routine. From the bedroom to the kitchen, this carefully selected gift list focuses on approachable elegance with good design providing a foundation for simple, unpretentious style. Fresh, fun patterns stand next to simple, clean lines in this collection of gifts, providing a beautiful balance between luxe ornament and homey details. Just as Pauline Boyd’s quilts capture the essence of a simpler time with a distinctly artistic flair, these gift picks recall the ambience of a quaint but impeccably appointed country cottage.

Men and women alike can appreciate the gentle femininity and classic sophistication on display in this gift list. Leather furniture, metallic lamps and woven baskets are all familiar items, but Pauline Boyd’s selections prove that even the most recognizable items can have a little something special when they’re designed with care and style. Sumptuous textures are a focus here as well, with everything from mohair to velvet and silk available for the choosing. While the materials may be luxurious, the collection’s approachable, warm aesthetic stays intact for a lovely balance between luxury and ease.

Our collection of Pauline Boyd gifts also includes a selection of furniture pieces that you can gift to that special someone as part of a major life occasion such as a wedding or graduation. You can also use these furniture selections as a guide to provide a friend, parent or partner with a bedroom or living room makeover for a special birthday or holiday surprise. The list also has some decorative objects and accessories, including some outdoor planters that you can give to avid gardeners who are always looking for new ways to add elegance to their landscape.

These gifts also make a fantastic selection if you’re looking for a significant item to give to a couple. When shopping for an important gift for just one person who seems to have it all, or perhaps both members of the same couple who are in the same boat, choosing from this selection of Pauline Boyd gifts makes it easy to find something special that will make both of them happy. The extraordinary style and simple sophistication on display in this list is sure to delight even the most discerning people in your life. These gifts have a humble sense of cool that’s perfectly on-trend.

Our other designer gift list collaborations showcase different style priorities that you can use as a tool in selecting the most thoughtful gifts available. Designers such as fashionista duo Emily and Meritt and the playful Ken Fulk serve as your private gift concierges as you sort through all the excellent product options we have in our collections. From housewares to decorative items and party-perfect entertaining accessories, our designers, including Pauline Boyd, bring out the best in our collections according to their own personal senses of style and fun.