Shane Brown

As the owner of Big Daddy’s Antiques, Shane Brown has a carefully trained eye for timeless design. Life as an antiques purveyor means that Shane Brown has been in contact with some of the world’s most enduringly beautiful objects, and he’s applied his expertise to the task of curating a list of gifts from our collections. While we don’t offer many actual antiques, Pottery Barn’s signature style certainly does embrace the appeal of vintage and rustic design, and Shane Brown has found plenty of amazing items to showcase in his handpicked gift list. Shane Brown gifts appeal to the traditionalist in all of us, but they maintain a modern edge for on-trend success.

This list was developed with dads in mind, but our Shane Brown gifts are appealing for any individual, whether they’re dads, moms or freewheeling childfree adults. The items on this list have an elegant appeal, but with an edgy twist that helps them stand out. From geometric console tables to stunning industrial-styled chandeliers, these gift items are glamorous, but with an element of ruggedness that recalls the look and feel of a handmade item. The result is an irresistible collection of home decor and furnishings you won’t want to miss. Don’t forget: you can treat yourself to any of the items on this list as you shop for your loved ones.

Our collection of Shane Brown gifts covers a variety of different product categories, which makes it easy to select the right gift for any given occasion or event. From dining and entertaining accessories to luxurious bath linens and even some travel accessories, you’ll find a fantastic range of options to consider as you pick out the right gift. There are plenty of items in luxe materials such as leather, copper and glass on this list, meaning you can give a small gift and still achieve an indulgent effect.

Many of the items on this list of Shane Brown gifts are customizable with personalization such as monograms, initials and names. Personalization is a wonderful way to make a gift more targeted and thoughtful, and it adds a balance of classic sophistication and fashionable adornment that can appeal to just about anyone. From leather home decor accessories to travel bags and pouches, the customizable items on our Shane Brown gifts list appeal to the chic antique side in all of us. From graduations and birthdays to weddings, anniversaries and holidays, there’s never a bad time to give a personalized gift.

Shane Brown dug deep into our collections to bring us this amazing range of gift options, and you’ll see some unusual choices that can make a big impact on the gift recipient. For example, the fireplace tools on this list may make the ultimate housewarming present for a friend who’s just moved from an urban apartment to a country house that features a gorgeous antique stone fireplace. From passport holders to copper bar accessories, this list showcases the perfect balance between form and function with items that have a specific job to do and look good while doing it.

If you like Shane Brown’s gift picks, don’t forget to check out his furniture collection. We value the unique outlook and style our designer collaborations bring to our catalog, and if you like what you see from Shane Brown and Big Daddy’s Antiques, take some time to check out our other designer collabs. Start off in the gift section so you can pick something out for that special person on your list, then travel to the other sections on our site to see what you can find. Names like Ken Fulk and Emily & Meritt add extra style and flair to our already amazing collection of home furnishings and decorations.