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Wedding Gifts for The Happy Couple

Celebrate the marriage of dear friends or family with wedding gifts they can cherish for years to come. As weddings become more personalized affairs, wedding presents now reflect the couple for who they are together and as individuals. Join their happiness by putting thought and care into a gift to commemorate the life they will build together.

Following Gift Trends

Just like weddings have trends, wedding gifts do, too. Your first resource for getting the perfect gift is usually the couple's wedding registry, but you can narrow it down from there, too, using your own sense of style.

Choose something unique and memorable, so they know how you feel about their big day. Then, once you've chosen something you know they need for their new home, the trend is to add onto the gift with small splurges or designer houseware collaborations. These add-ons don't have to be huge, but they should be indulgent.

  • Look to the lifestyle savvy of beloved bridal designer Monique Lhuillier to discover her signature gifts.
  • Try an add-on gift like a wine bottle cooler in a statement finish like polished silver or marble countertop accessories for their kitchen.
  • Barware may already be on their registry, but you can add to their collection with fine accessories or extra glass sets.

Traditional Wedding Presents

Traditional wedding presents are still popular for a reason. Every couple needs a few essentials, plus a milestone occasion like this one is exactly the right time to shower your loved one with the gifts you know they deserve.

  • Personalized wedding gifts stand the test of time. Add initials or monograms to glasses, champagne flutes, towels and more. This is especially significant if the couple attaches meaning to last names, whether they now share or keep their own.
  • Table settings, dinnerware, flatware and china are all beautiful gifts to give a newly married couple. Select from their registry or go with an all-white pattern they can integrate easily with other styles.
  • Linens for home, including bedding or tabletop, are classic for their longevity and everyday use. Feel free to monogram those, too.

Registering With The One

Many couples around the world register their wedding with The One. By registering with The One, couples can shop Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma and west elm to outfit, update or add to a new or already shared home. It's one-stop shopping--and delivery--for wedding guests or anyone who would like to contribute a gift, so it's easy for everyone to enjoy.

Sign up for this exceptional registry collective today or let your favorite couple know it's available for all their gift lists.