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New Year's


Festive Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

Get ready for a glittering winter season full of magical holiday decorations. With choices for inside and outside, your whole home is about to be a festive wonderland. Bring joy to all who pass and enter with holiday decorations in red, green, silver, blue and gold.

Planning Holiday Decorations Indoors and Out

Plan your Christmas and Hannukah decor with decorating ideas and festive products from Pottery Barn. Our collections feature everything you need to decorate your home for every holiday from Thanksgiving until New Year.

  • Find seasonal dinnerware featuring traditional and modern motifs.
  • Mix and match holiday plates with your current place settings for a table that looks both new and familiar.
  • Outfit your front door with wreaths, garlands and seasonal decor.
  • Dress windows with LED candles or menorahs.
  • Select lots of beautiful greenery to place throughout your home.

Adorn Your Home with Lights

Christmas and Hannukah decorations are all about light. Make your home bright with a variety of festive light fixtures.

  • Pre-lit trees and wreaths make it easy to light up your home. Lights are already placed decoratively and ready to go.
  • Candles are a classic seasonal item for all holidays. Burn the traditional kind for a flickering flame or choose LED to leave them on all the time.
  • Twinkling decorations get better every year, so always be on the lookout for new ones you love.
  • Trees, villages, nativity scenes and more look lovely on tabletops and in windows.
  • String lights are now available in battery and plug-in versions to make set up easy.

Deck The Halls with Greenery And More

Christmas decorations traditionally include lots of greenery, but you can expand your vision to include holly and mistletoe looks, plus floral arrangements.

  • For a seasonal look that can stay hanging all fall and winter, try wreaths with leaves instead of sprigs and pine cones or other accents.
  • Play with color. Fall and winter leaves can be brown, tan, gold or reddish-hued.
  • Floral wreaths made of just amaryllis or bursts of magnolia can stay up beyond the holidays to brighten up your home all winter.

Let your holiday decor be a reflection of your home, family and holiday spirit. Whatever you decide, Pottery Barn has gorgeous choices to make this season one to remember for years to come.