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Backyard String Light Ideas

Thrill your guests and your family with shining holiday displays wherever you want to create magic in the backyard. After the holiday dishes are cleared away, scout out the areas where you need some transformation. If your covered backyard entertaining area has an overhead light, turn it off and light up the social space for the season's festivities with LED string lights wrapped around railings, potted plants and umbrella poles. Choose battery-operated string lights to have maximum flexibility when decorating indoors or outdoors in covered locations. You aren't limited to how many strings of lights you may use in a row, and you don't have to worry about being close to an outlet or tripping any breakers with your backyard display.

Many customers choose our indoor and outdoor decor collections for their front entryways, but there's every reason you can use the same collections or parts of a collection for backyard holiday cheer. Use light-up wreaths on backyard doors and windows that overlook your entertaining area. Place lit topiaries and garlands on the patio and along backyard walkways. Lit sculptures including angels and reindeer make enticing party decor when tucked into landscaping and corners of the deck or poolside.

Your backyard holiday gathering is not complete without lovely and whimsical candles on the tabletops and serving areas. Add to the luster of Hanukkah's flickering flames with mercury glass and other colored votive holders in silver, blue and gold. Holiday-themed candleholders make a simple and compelling centerpiece on the outdoor holiday table while casting an intimate glow over the fun conversations. If your outdoor table is made of glass, use battery-operated LED string lights under the table to deck the meal area out in a unique way. Use suction-cup holders to keep the battery case and the string lights safely away from diners' legs. Another tabletop trick is to use a tall lit topiary as a centerpiece. The high light doesn't obscure the guest across the table yet makes a stunning and memorable tabletop accent.

Light-up trees, wreaths and garlands work throughout the year to highlight celebrations and milestones. Use silver- and white-themed garlands for backyard wedding ceremonies and receptions. Hang fragrant illuminated herb wreaths for outdoor showers and brunches. Silver and gold string lights are also suitable decor for 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries. Add extra adornment to outdoor landscaping and faux trees with heart-shaped string lights on Valentine’s Day and egg lights during spring gatherings.

Add character and charm to a backyard area by placing lanterns in strategic locations along pathways and on countertops and bars. Lanterns come in a variety of sizes to suit cocktail shelves, picnic tables and the tops of stone walls. Some glass-walled lanterns allow you to tuck in a few pretty items around a candle. Change your lanterns' theme to match the event by using interchanging ornaments, shells and other decor inside the glass. Instead of placing a candle in the lantern, use a set of battery-powered string lights coiled up into an artful illuminated display. One of our largest lanterns is more than 42-inch tall and can beautifully frame a figure, decorated tree or other holiday display. Large lanterns can be placed in back-of-the-house bay windows to hold indoor displays that can be seen in the rear of your property.

As you develop your special holiday surprise areas in the backyard, imagine how the lights you use would look on reflective surfaces. Take advantage of water features like ponds and waterfalls to create your lighting displays. Arrange delicate string lights or ornament lights near polished silver serveware to create endless shimmering reflections around your backyard entertaining.

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