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How detailed do you like to get with your winter holiday decor? Christmas trees, twinkling lights, reindeer figurines and holly garlands are all nice, but to really get in the spirit, why not get your bedding in on the game, too? Whether you plan to host holiday guests or just want to make your own bed more festive, Pottery Barn’s selection of warm and cheery wintry bedding is the perfect choice for making holiday beds. Our selection includes subtle red and green patterns, solid-colored velvet and plenty of holiday prints featuring leaping reindeer and snowy scenes. Pick one set for Christmas week or mix and match your options throughout the entire month of December to spread Christmas cheer far and wide in your life.

If you live in a cold climate where snowy white Christmases are the norm, warm winter bedding is likely a big plus. Our selection of winter & holiday bedding lets you keep your bed cozy and warm on even the chilliest nights, giving you the option to layer on plush quilts with soft sheets and dense duvets. Pair one of our holiday bedding duvets with an ultra-warm duvet insert to create a heavy top layer for your bed. No matter how much the cold winter wind blows outside your window, you’ll be snuggly and content inside your toasty Christmas bed.

Our winter & holiday bedding collection includes fun and festive sheets for the first layer of your bedding. These sheet sets include all the pieces you need to wrap your bed with cozy seasonal softness. From red and white stripes that resemble candy canes to prints that recall your favorite Christmas carols, our winter and holiday sheets keep the spirit of the season alive. Thanks to our signature style and legendary quality, you can rest assured that your holiday bedding carries the same cozy construction as our non-seasonal sheets.

Use our holiday bedding on every bed in your house to carry a consistent holiday theme into each room. Our winter & holiday bedding collection includes sheets, comforters and quilts in a range of standard bed sizes from twin through California king. That means that if you have a spacious California king in your master suite and full or twin sizes in your guest rooms, you can still create a festive environment from top to bottom in each room. From kids coming home on their college Christmas break to out-of-town relatives making their annual sojourn to the family holiday gathering, your guests will be delighted with the thoughtfulness and cheer this seasonal bedding communicates.

If you want to get really festive, you can add christmas decor to your bedrooms in addition to outfitting beds with winter & holiday bedding. Add small vignettes of holiday decor to nightstands or dressers, add a string of twinkling lights to the window and use aromatic evergreen trimmings to accent gorgeous red and white flower arrangements. Even if you just add a small peppermint candle to the room, your winter & holiday bedding setup will bring plenty of seasonal cheer and coziness to the room.

Decorating for the season can be a fun and fulfilling experience for anyone who loves Christmas. Our winter & holiday bedding will add another unique dimension to your family’s holiday arrangement, bringing joy and cheer to everyone’s slumber. Whether your winters are warm or cold, we have seasonal bedding options that you can layer to create a cozy nighttime nest for young and old. Pair with other elements from our holiday collections to create a magical atmosphere at home. Best of all, you can reuse your holiday bedding year after year to give the same joyous effect at each successive holiday celebration.