How to Hold a Christmas Door Decorating Contest

At Pottery Barn, we know that Christmas is all about bringing the family together and having a magical time. With beautiful decor and our tips on how to hold a Christmas door decorating contest, you’re sure to have a wonderful holiday season with the whole family.

A Christmas door decorating contest is a fun holiday activity where every member of the family or group of friends gets to decorate one door in the house in a favorite style. Start by letting participants choose what door to decorate or keep things simple by decorating personal bedroom doors. Be free and decorate to your heart’s content or limit the competition to certain themes. A terrific category to use when decorating doors in competition is holiday songs. Use paper letters to spell out lyrics from the songs and use holiday art, such as snowflakes, to brighten up your creation.

When starting a Christmas door decorating contest, it’s important to lay down the rules if you plan on rewarding the winner with something special. It’s often best to prepare several prizes so all participants can take pride in their door decor and can be rewarded for their hard work. Prizes can include small Christmas ornaments, candy canes or extra stocking stuffers. You can also choose to assign door decor based on holiday movies. Each family member can select a holiday classic and adorn the door with decorative lighting and imagery from the films.

Once you’ve chosen the doors, you’ll want to have the proper supplies on hand. Paper in a wide range of colors, scissors, stickers, glitter and glue are all excellent choices and give each person plenty of creative freedom. Holiday door contests typically incorporate beloved characters of the season. Have small children draw inspiration from seasonal pillows and other holiday decor. Create a family of gingerbread men and dress each one in a unique style or opt for reindeer cutouts to create a landscape of the North Pole.

Don’t be afraid to play with texture and dimension when adding decor to your door. Create garland by cutting small strips of paper and gluing each end in a chain or add cotton balls to create the fur for Santa’s hat. Small children will love the pop-up qualities of materials, such as felt, candy canes and Christmas bows. You can use candy to decorate doors as well, just be careful to supervise small children and pets throughout the season.

Make things more challenging by assigning each player a particular color to decorate the door with. From traditional red and green to white, blue and pink, your creations will light up your home. Create a holiday-themed doorway using only green materials or use glitter wreaths to add sparkle to a brown gingerbread house. Door decorating contests don’t just have to be an activity for your home. Get coworkers into the spirit with a contest in the office. Humor can go a long way, so get creative and mix up traditional holiday sayings into funny comments or decorate your door with holiday sheep. You can also add fun family or work photos to character bodies to get everyone into fits of laughter.

You can even turn your door decorating contest into a countdown or advent calendar. Use brown paper strips to create the look of a fireplace and hang red and white stockings from each brick that countdown the 25 days until Christmas. You can use large sheets of paper to create a real calendar and add ornaments to each day. Every morning, remove the ornament and hang it on the tree until Christmas morning arrives.

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