Outdoor Holiday Decor

Decorating outdoors is more versatile than ever and that versatility includes the holiday season. When choosing your outdoor holiday decor, think outside the box to create a look that is one of a kind and adds dreamlike charm to your special space.

Your doorstep is the first thing guests see when they arrive at your home. More importantly it’s the first thing you see when you come home. Create an area that is delightful to come home to and inviting for your guests. A silver and gold pine wreath with matching garland draped along the doorframe creates a stunning focal point. To create a more dramatic look, hang three wreaths from one another with craft wire so the wreaths extend down the door. Set topiaries on both sides of your door and group faux lit reindeer in your yard to greet you and your guests as you arrive. If you prefer red holiday decor, choose a red and silver wreath and matching garland. Fill lanterns with matching colored ornaments and place them along your walkway or on your porch. Complete the look with a holiday-themed doormat.

Using natural elements in your arrangements creates a soothing atmosphere. Bend outdoor tallow berry garland into a circle and connect the ends with craft wire to create a simple wreath for the front door. Place additional garland above the doorframe. Combine wood, pinecones and twigs with oversized silver ball ornaments and arrange them in a basket or a decorative bucket. The natural elements combined with the shiny silver ornaments create an organic and elegant look. To establish appealing outdoor decor that lasts long after the holiday season, pair Pottery Barn white lit boxwood garland with a magnolia wreath. Then hang a group of white orb lights off to the side. This combination provides charm throughout the holidays and extends into spring.

To spruce up your outdoor seating area, string mercury glass lights and place faux lit trees together under a covered space. The mercury glass lights create a warm glow for your seating space and the lit trees add an enchanted feel. Group mercury glass hurricane candleholders together on a table to complement your lights and provide additional warmth to the area. Use an outdoor console table to store plates, glasses and drinks and to showcase outdoor holiday decorations. To make the area cozier, add holiday pillows to your seating. This alluring space is sure to captivate your guests and lead to many magical evenings.

If you prefer a more colorful look for your outdoor space, drape jewel tone string lights down an outdoor wall to create a focal point. Place clear vases full of faux cranberries around the area for additional splashes of color. If you need additional light, consider wrapping tree branches with string lights. Hanging outdoor curtains in your area will define your space and provide a sense of intimacy. For entertaining, fill a decorative metal party bucket with ice to keep drinks cold and add some additional charm. Your one of a kind space is friendly, festive and inviting.

There’s something magical about white Christmas lights, especially at night. The mystical twinkle against the dark sky captivates our attention. Bring some of that magic indoors by hanging white lit orbs from the ceiling. Group them in a special corner, or above the stockings to draw attention to this area. Turn off the rest of the lights, relax in a cozy chair and enjoy the twilight.

When it’s time to put the holiday decorations away, cleanup and storage should be a snap. Wipe items down with either a dry or damp cloth, depending on the manufactures instructions, and store the items in storage containers. Wreaths, garland and other items that could lose their form should be stored individually. Place the storage containers in a dry area. Bring the items out year after year to create more beautiful holiday memories.