Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans bring distinctive comfort to virtually any room in your home. Not only can you experience a cool breeze in the warmer months, but ceiling fans also help move warm air down into your living spaces when it’s cold outside. Whatever your decorating style, our fans at Pottery Barn can mesh beautifully with your other room decor. From contemporary designs to traditional styling, you can carry on your decorating choices to the ceiling with distinction and ease.

You’re sure to appreciate the combination of design and technology these ceiling fans provide. Go ahead and choose forward or reverse speeds to direct the airflow precisely where you want it. Energy Star ratings ensure that these appliances operate smoothly and efficiently. It’s easy to mix and match the fans with other decorative objects in your home, from wreaths and trees to decorative boxes and trays. These distinctive pieces mix and match effortlessly with your functional ceiling fans to create a pleasing overall effect.

Choose a fan with blades in a variety of finishes, from natural to weathered to matte white. Fan blades come in both wood and die-cut metal to fit with your overall room decor. Fan bases are available in a variety of finishes as well, including nickel, white matte, dark bronze and more. These colors coordinate beautifully with both living room and bedroom furnishings. Installing a fan over a seating area in the living room with sofas and sectionals beneath could be the ideal way to finish your pleasing conversation nook. You might find that your family and friends tend to linger even longer when you add these special touches.

There’s something to be said for installing a contemporary-style ceiling fan in a family room or bedroom. Many of these fans feature eye-catching frosted white shades mixed with gorgeous metal for a stunning overall effect that brings modern and historied looks into one sleek package. You can even install these units on sloped ceilings, making them an ideal accent in a loft bedroom over beds and headboards. Imagine the delight of adjusting the fan speed or the lighting from bed using the remote control. This feature would also be ideal in the living room or family room. You can change between three speeds or adjust the brightness of the light to place it precisely where you want it.

Whether you choose a retro look with a contemporary ceiling fan or you opt for something more traditional like a fan with sleek wood blades, you can enjoy the beautiful look and the functional features of these units. Many fans are even suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, so you might opt to install them outdoors on the deck or on a porch. When installed outdoors, it’s important to choose a fully protected spot that isn’t regularly exposed to moisture and water. Imagine the beauty and comfort you can add to your outdoor spaces with one of these fans running gently during the summer months. Dimming the LED light makes it simple to add delightful ambience to your living spaces during the evening hours, too.

Caring for our ceiling fans promises to be a breeze. Simply wipe the base and the blades clean with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and dirt. You might enjoy pairing the gorgeous lighting of your ceiling fan with other ambient room lighting such as lanterns or other string lights. The finished effect of this lighting arrangement promises to be memorable.

All of your comfort and styling needs are easily satisfied when you look to the ceiling and see a beautiful fan rotating. Whether you choose a unit with or without a light, you can look forward to enjoying beauty and fresh air for many years.