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Metal Light Fixtures for All Your Lighting Needs

Metal is a popular material of choice for light fixtures due to its versatility and aesthetic appeal. Depending on factors like the type and finish of the metal, you can find light fixtures to go with any home decor style. It can also easily be crafted into unique shapes to suit different design and functionality needs. Some metal fixtures are even designed for outdoor use. At Pottery Barn, you will find all types of metal light fixtures for different home lighting applications. Here is an overview of our extensive selection.

Floor Lamps

Metal floor lamps make a wonderful addition anywhere in the home, from the bedroom to the living room. They are available in a wide range of styles, including modern, industrial and traditional. Most feature sleek and simple profiles while others are more ornate. We also carry sectional floor lamps that are designed with an arm which can extend out over a sectional sofa, providing proper lighting and giving the lamp an architectural flair.

Table Lamps

Metal table lamps are also highly versatile in function and style, as there is use for a table lamp in just about any room in the home. Our selection includes table lamps that provide ambient lighting and are suited to side tables and nightstands as well as desk lamps that provide task lighting for work. Available in ornamental designs, they can serve as a beautiful piece of room decor.


Metal chandeliers are a perfect choice for making a strong style statement and adding plenty of light over dining areas and buffet tables. The metal can be shaped into a wide variety of designs, from modern geometric chandeliers featuring clean lines to more traditional candelabra type chandeliers. You can also go for a rustic, hand-forged look by choosing a galvanized metal chandelier.

Pendant Lights

Metal pendant lights make a fantastic addition above a kitchen island or to an outdoor entertaining space. Depending on the design, metal pendant lights are a good choice for industrial and modern spaces, though certain designs like bells and lanterns can have a traditional style as well. Some pendant lights feature glass elements that pair beautifully with the metal and add an extra touch of elegance to the fixture.


A sconce is one of the most adaptable metal light fixtures for the home. It can provide additional light in a variety of settings, from the porch to the bedside. Sconces are often adjustable and have a small enough profile to fit just about anywhere. Choose from a variety of designs, including straight arm, articulating arm, bell-shaped, beehive, tapered and traditional lantern sconces.

Flush Mounts

A flush mount is an ideal ceiling fixture in areas where the ceiling is lower or you want to keep the visual space more open while providing plenty of ambient lighting. Metal construction gives flush mount fixtures a sleek and clean profile and a contemporary aesthetic. Our flush mounts are available in square, bell-shaped and tapered designs.

Find just the right fixture for every room in your home in functional designs and eye-catching styles that will elevate the look of the space. Whether you need ambient or task lighting, a floor lamp for the living room or a chandelier for the dining room, Pottery Barn's collection of metal light fixtures has everything you are looking for.