Light Bulbs

At Pottery Barn, we’ve carefully chosen lighting options to help you elegantly illuminate every room in your home. Most of our light bulbs can be used with on/off, high/low and dimmer switches so you can pick out the light bulbs that suit your illumination needs or desired ambience. Opt for a traditional globe bulb that adds refinement and sophistication to a space that is reminiscent of the exquisite illumination of days gone by. Teardrop light bulbs feature gentle curves and a characteristic tear shape at the bulb’s tip that results in a brilliant sparkle. Add teardrop light bulbs to pendants to create a silhouette that offers a soothing and fresh ambience.

The soft glow of teardrop filaments are perfect for delicate chandeliers where the light bulb is visible. Our light bulbs are available in 40 or 60 watts so you can decide what intensity of luminosity is just right for your space. Whether you have a shimmering crystal chandelier or rustic antler design, our light bulbs illuminate the space and make your lighting the focal point of the room. Add a traditional globe bulb to rustic styles for a cohesive look, or pair traditional bulbs with geometric lighting for an art deco theme that glorifies the roots of lighting culture.

Opt for floor lamps to create bright lighting in any room, regardless of whether you have a large space or small apartment. Floor lamps are ideal for small spaces because they can easily be tucked behind furniture to save floor area. If you want to incorporate energy-saving options into your home, opt for LED lighting, which is more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent light bulbs. LED bulbs also last approximately five times longer than standard incandescent light bulbs while retaining their characteristic elegant appearance and clear sophistication. LED lights are also vibrantly bright and can turn your floor lamp into the main source of lighting for rooms that don’t have hardwired ceiling fixtures.

If you want bathroom lighting, opt for wall sconces that feature horizontal light for a soft glow. The direct lighting of sconces is ideal for bathrooms; sconces limit the effect of shadows and distortions that are typical of ceiling lights. Mount two sconces on either side of your medicine cabinet or mirror and pair matching light bulbs for a symmetrical look. If you are short of wall space, opt for one mounted sconce directly above the mirror to illuminate your vanity and free up the wall on either side to add art or decor.

Pair your light bulbs with shades and accessories that are designed to filter light or display the elegance of your bulbs. If you want to show off your teardrop filament bulbs, opt for glass or clear shades that make the bulb the focal point of your lighting. If you want traditional bulbs with soft, filtered light, choose a burlap shade that lets light through each woven fiber for a striking look. Linen shades are a great way to add casual or refined notes to your lighting and can be paired with elaborate sconces and fixtures that draw attention.

If you are searching for outdoor lighting, illuminate the yard with lanterns and candle lighting that add a romantic effect. Opt for artificial candles that feature built-in LED bulbs for a whimsical look. Artificial candles are a great choice for homes with children because the bulbs don’t burn hot and you don’t have to worry about the dangers of fire. Choose from a wide range of vibrant colors and even patterned candles to suit your decor and style. Opt for beach inspired candles featuring shells and coral, or keep things simple with white or cream candles that can be used to match any decor.