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Wall sconces are an excellent lighting solution in spaces where floor or table space is minimal. Whether for an office, studio, living room or bedroom, sconces add an element of light and design to any space. But there are times when it’s not a good idea to hard-wire a sconce into your home’s electrical system. If you want the benefits of a sconce lamp without having to worry about hard wiring, Pottery Barn’s plug-in sconces are the perfect solution.

Our plug-in sconces come in a variety of chic styles, from traditional swing-arm models with fabric shades to contemporary pendant models with a distinct retro feel. Many of our sconces are available in a variety of different metallic finishes, from nearly-black antique bronze to shiny silvery nickel and gleaming brass. Some sconces also let you choose between different shade materials including textured beige burlap and smooth white linen. We also offer sconces with glass shades, allowing you to choose between clear glass or frosted glass depending on how diffused you want your light quality to be. Many of our plug-in sconces are also adjustable, allowing you to control the direction of the light the lamp produces as you read in bed or perform other tasks around the room. With something for everyone, our plug-in sconces provide an excellent option for renters and others who either can’t or don’t want to drill into their walls to hard wire into an electrical system.

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