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All Wall Sconces

Light up your life with illuminating possibilities using wall lamps and wall sconces. Whether you want a little extra light for reading in the evenings, or you want to create a relaxed setting for dining with friends, some carefully selected lights make it possible for you to present your home your way, creating a style and ambience that’s uniquely you.

Form and function

Interior and exterior wall sconces are available in a range of metal finishes, including brushed steel and antique, with fabric or handblown glass shades, and they make beautiful additions to your decor. Choose a contemporary glass sconce with an angular design to modernize your living room, or pick a rustic metal sconce to add some country cottage charm to your dining area. For your traditional bathroom, a row of sconces fits perfectly, and a swing-arm sconce in an antique finish has the sophisticated style to brighten up your home office while providing important task lighting. Many wall lights are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, making it possible for you to have a theme that runs through every part of your living space, creating a sense of harmony. The light a sconce gives off is as much a part of your home’s decor as the fixture itself. A perfectly placed wall lamp has the potential to reinvent a room, complementing your ceiling lighting and supplementing the light from your windows on overcast days. Using wall lights in conjunction with wall mirrors has the potential to open up a space. Light reflects off the mirrors, making the room seem bigger, so it’s possible to have a bright and breezy setting where you look forward to spending time.

Perfect Placement

Wall lamps are so versatile, there’s no end to their potential uses in your home. Use them individually to create spot lighting, or use them in pairs to flank a focal point. Draw attention to your favorite piece of wall art or a family photograph, or create a cozy nook for curling up with a book at the end of a busy day. They’re ideal in rooms with awkward shapes and corners where traditional ceiling lighting is inadequate or creates shady spots, and it’s possible to position them on either side of a large window to simulate daylight at night. Consider positioning one in your hallway, above the hallway table, so it’s easy to find your keys and wallet, or add a retractable sconce near where you use your computer or do your needlework, so there’s always some extra light on hand when you need it.

Types of Sconces

Choosing the right sconce for your situation depends on the affect you’re trying to achieve. Clear glass sconces provide bright light, which is a good option for when you need to make sure an area has sufficient lighting, especially for safety reasons, while frosted glass diffuses the light and creates a more relaxed ambience. Fabric sconces also diffuse light, creating mood lighting that’s a good choice for the living room or bedroom, especially if you put the sconce on a dimmer switch to give you complete control.

Long, cylindrical sconces are an excellent option for framing something, such as a bathroom mirror or window. Think about positioning one horizontally above the bathroom sink for illuminated ablutions. Candle-style sconces are much more traditional, and they’re worth considering if you want to give your dining room a sophisticated style for hosting dinner parties, while swing-arm wall sconces give you on-the-spot task lighting for your study.

Brighten Your Day

By using wall lamps and wall sconces, you have the potential to lighten and brighten your living space. You have control over the style and functionality of every room, making your home more comfortable and welcoming while also ensuring there’s always enough illumination for any tasks you need to complete.