Plug-in Sconces

Plug-in sconces can go anywhere there’s an electrical outlet. Hang a wall sconce above your bed or a sofa or chair. Hang one in a dark corner to brighten the area. Most of them can be adjusted in different directions to project light where you need it most. They come in attractive designs with classic lines, funky shapes or retro styles. Because they hang on a wall, you don’t have to worry about finding a table for these.

Place matching lamps on either side of your bed for nighttime reading or catching up on the computer before falling asleep. The handy positioning makes it a snap to turn on and off right from the comfort of your bed. If you choose a bed with a high headboard, just hang the sconces to the side of the headboard. Some of our beds at Pottery Barn have built-in drawers for storage under the bed. Keep your books and magazines stored within reach. Throw in some bottled water and you won’t have to get up during the night if you get thirsty.

The sconces work well in a den for reading, watching movies or just to have some light on a dark night. Curl up with an oversized throw or a fluffy blanket to read a romance novel or watch a scary movie. Knits, linens and faux mohair are soft to the touch, warm and cozy. You might doze off before you finish your book or the movie.

A wall sconce fits neatly in an entryway to light the way of those coming and going. Hang it over a storage console that can store shoes, jackets, keys, umbrellas and all the things people need on the go. This catchall area is one you will likely use often. Extra lighting makes it easy to find things when it’s dark.

Bathrooms need plenty of light. A wall sconce hanging next to a mirror gives some additional light around the primping area. Accent mirrors come in architectural, artsy and classic designs to add to the bathroom decor. Coordinate a sconce that goes with the mirror for a professional look. A no-fuss mirror pairs well with a simple sconce. Whereas a rustic mirror would complement a primitive sconce. Some mirrors have much detail. They could go well with a plain sconce to tone it down or a fancy sconce for some pizzazz. Whichever you choose, the added light ensures your makeup or shaving is done just right.