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While many decorating changes are fun and exciting, there are ways to make big changes in a room’s decor by changing some of the smaller details. Small changes make a huge difference in how a room looks and feels, especially if you change things that make a big impact, like your lighting. It’s so easy to change the look of a room and brighten the appearance of your light fixtures by changing the shades on table lamps and updating exposed bulbs and accessories.

Shades for table lamps come in a variety of materials to complement different room styles and multiple types of light fixtures. Linen shades in bright white, ivory and flax add a crisp, fresh look to a bedroom or entryway. Linen also looks beautiful in semiformal and formal dens, living rooms and bedrooms. For a softer light that diffuses the glow of the bulb, bleached and natural burlap shades add the ideal touch for a den, foyer or living room. For a completely different look, put a shade crafted from natural cowhide on your bedside or foyer table.

In addition to varying colors to match your bedding or upholstery, shades come in different shapes to create balance on different styles of lamps. The basic shapes of shades are flared, drum and tapered drum. Put a flared shade on an elegant vase lamp with a heavy, round base or a delicate boudoir lamp. Mount a drum shade on a modern, contemporary lamp base. Tapered drum styles look stunning and perfectly balanced on narrow column-style lamp bases. Let your imagination run when looking for a suitable topper for an art sculpture base. Look for a shade that’s 2 or 3 inches wider on each side than your lamp base for the best results and even scale.

Adorn your overhead lighting fixtures and wall sconces with smaller chandelier shades. These smaller shades come in the same colors and shapes you find with table lamp versions but in a lesser scale. The smaller shades maintain proportions with these fixtures so everything fits the available space and looks just so. Choose sets for chandeliers so each shade matches perfectly, or look to the replacement offerings to find the best possible substitute piece for a damaged shade. Look for singles to install on sconces. These small shades are also ideal for small table lamps to put on nightstands or hall tables.

Add a throwback touch to your task lamps with classic reproduction bulbs from our collection at Pottery Barn. These bulbs come in teardrop and globe shapes. Display the bulbs boldly in pendant style task lighting fixtures that hang down from the ceiling. Teardrop bulbs are suitable for retro-chic and vintage lamps while globe bulbs with twisted, glowing filaments are terrific in any task lamp that leaves the bulb exposed. These bulbs are also stunning in overhead light fixtures with exposed bulbs. Adjust the amount of light you want in a specific part of the room by choosing soft 40-watt bulbs or brighter 60-watt styles for those times when you want to curl up in your favorite plush chair and enjoy a good book or magazine.

Make sure the people visiting your home are only able to see the things you want them to see. Hide chandelier cords that hang down along the wall with cord covers. In addition to wall cords, these covers are suited for use with pendant lighting, to hide the cord that holds the bulb suspended overhead. Match the covers to your lamp shades for a themed look. Alternatively, choose the cover that best matches your walls, furniture upholstery or drapes. These cords are also useful for hiding the cords for electronic chargers and entertainment media centers.