Chandelier Shades

Add a touch of rustic detailing or sophisticated elegance with the chandelier shades we have available at Pottery Barn. Our chandelier shades are constructed of linen or burlap fabrics to create the welcoming look of illumination in your home. Opt for linen chandelier shades that features versatile style and bring soft light to your space. Our chandelier shades are sold in sets of three, making it easy to mix and match shades for a dimensional look when used on larger chandeliers. Pair with chandeliers of all types from cast-iron to glass and bronze metal for a rustic or contemporary look. Some of our lamp shades feature a frame crafted of iron for sturdy shades that can stand up to use in busy and hectic homes.

Opt for burlap shades that reveal every variation in the fabric, creating a beautiful contrast to both metal and ceramic fixtures. With unlined burlap shades, light shines through creating warm yet bright lighting that is ideal for rustic designs. The open weave design filters the light to expose the outline of the light bulbs inside. Choose from teardrop- or traditional-shaped light bulbs to create elegant or nostalgic looks that fit right in whether in your entryway or bedroom. Keep your home energy efficient and eco-friendly by opting for LED light bulbs that save energy and are better for the environment than fluorescent bulbs.

Pair your chandelier with wall sconces to control your lighting and offer maximum illumination in your room. Chandeliers are superb options for ceiling lighting and illuminate large rooms with ease while sconces allow you to direct light where you need it most and from a horizontal angle to limit shadows. Add sconce to your entryway that illuminates the path inside and wow your guests with a stunning chandelier that greets them in the foyer. Match materials, such as polished nickel or oil-rubbed bronze, for a cohesive look or mix things up by contrasting a glass chandelier with copper sconces.

Chandeliers also make great outdoor lighting pieces and instantly dress up outdoor seating and eating areas. Our burlap chandelier shades are ideal for rustic backyards and pair well with woven outdoor furniture, such as rattan and seagrass chairs. Our burlap and linen shades are easy to spot clean with a wash towel so you can dust them off with ease and get back to entertaining your guests. Opt for the same chandelier in your entryway, bedroom and outdoors or delineate each space with a unique chandelier that expresses your personality and each individual room design.